Friday, June 26, 2009

Woofstock : Day 2
(June 14, 2009)
Dad and Mom couldn't make up their mind if they wanted to take '3 kids' all together
to Woofstock on Day 2 day because of all the hectic and rush jobs
they had to go through on Day 1!
A split second, they thought to take only our brudder.
"Hello??? This was the pawty for us doggies!! What were they thinking??"
Anyway.... at the last minutes, dad said "Ohooooooooooook..
Let's take everyone!"
Woof! :) Woof :)
We were on the passenger seat.
"We're back to the pawty!"
We parked our car near St. Lawrence Market and there were already many doggies
who were ready to go to the event.
"Shall we come by the market to get some cheese and meat after the pawty?"
On Day 1, we missed our Cavalier friend Shelby's appearance on the stage
so we were looking for her everywhere but we didn't see her.
We were hoping to see her on Day 2......
Guess what, her mom S spotted us!!!!

(Momo) "It's wonderful to see you again, shelby!"

(Pinot) "I am next to my DREAM GIRL!!"

Shelby and her partner Coquette just got married at Woofstock Doggie Wedding High Tea
taken placed at Le Meridien King Edward Hotel!.
OMD, they were everywhere in the media....
Have a look at this video at The Globe and Mail.
"Aren't they beautiful???"
(picture courtesy of Torontoist)
While we were chatting, we met Coquette and her mom in real life.
(Pinot) "Is shelby really taken?? :* I can't face to the camera."
This day was a very warm day. Dad thought taking a rest in the shade while waiting Shelby's appearance was the best. "I need a little meditation!" We met Junior, a 'downtown Cavalier spotter'! His dad organizes the Cavalier Playday this summer. If you are fellow a Cavalier and happen to be in town, please participate this event! Gonna be fun! (Link is here.) Mr. and Ms. Canine Canada Pageant began. We had to see Shelby on the stage.. so we waited and waited.. :) "Hello, cowboy Chihuahua!" (Pinot) "OHhhhhhhhh, here's my GIRL!!!!" (Dad, the pic is very blurry!!!!" ) S & Shelby! A pawfect team!!
We wanted to see Shelby's another appearance but our little brudder was
overwhelmed so we had to leave the pawty earlier.....
Instead of what? I Pinot, had a another opportunity to swim at Cherry Beach!!!
It was great to see you Shelby, Coquette and moms!!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!
Let us show you our typical walky. We receive all sort of comments from humans
but what most of them do is giving us a BIG smile.
(Pinot) I am busy carrying my frisbee... but I have to stop here....
"Ok....everybody ready??"
Happy Daddy's Day!!
We love you DAD!!!!
Momo, Pinot & James/J & R
ps: Hey, this is our little brudder's first post! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Woofstock 2009 : DAY 1!
"Where are we going??"
Woof Wooooooooooof, Woofstock! (Link is here)
The annual outdoor pawty for doggies and their humans
in Toronto!! We always look forward to participate.
Dad and mom told us that the trip to the event this year could be a bit difficult coz of our additional family member. They weren't sure if we were able to make it to this fun event but mom finished our pup's needs while dad trimmed our paws. :) They quickly packed all kids (ha!) in the car and took off! We made it! Phew! Many happy two leggies and four leggies were waiting to see the Dog Trick contest on the stage. "Where is dad?!?" We met many friendly human pups, too! The gangs! :) Cool! We met this cute Cavalier girl. We didn't get her name. :(
Whoa, this dude has cool Doogles.
We believe this team was the champion of the costume contest last year.
This doggie reminded us of our friend Lorenza!
"Where can we find a nice hat like that??"
I Pinot carry MY beloved frisbee everywhere everyday. This day was no exception.
Our human brudder was very tired after a while
so we had to leave the pawty earlier than we expected.
Instead, we had a nice walkly at a little quieter dog friendly beach in town, Cherry Beach.
"Can you see Toronto skyline??"
It was a very warm afternoon. I Pinot had to cool myself down!
"Refreshing! Sissy, you're missing something!!" :)
(I know her secret!! :D She only swam once in her life by accident!!!)
Stay turned for Day 2.
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome back to Toronto, Toffee's mom and dad!
We had very special visitors from Boston.
Toffee and Riley's mom & dad had a short visit here in Toronto and
spent some time with us!
The weather wasn't the bestest in the morning but by the time we met at Starbucks,
it was turned out sunny! :)
after a big boy surgery so this was a happy opportunity to meet them for both of us together at the first time.
"Ahhh.. happy reunion!"
(Momo) "Pinot, you're wet and covered by mud!"
(Pinot) "What? What? I am so happy now!"
Female human spices are always busy to chitchat. Toffee's dad threw a Frisbee for me Pinot for a long time.
"Can we do it one more time, please??"
Meantime I Momo was padded by Toffee's dad. :)
"Hello Hello!!!"
"I had lots of fun!! A BIG thank you for Toffee's dad!"
And... we got pressies!!!!
"Ok.. enough mom... Let me take that!"
Ahhh.. this Apple Dumping flavour treats tastes SOOO good and
our mom loves it, too!
We have to lock our treat drawer otherwise someone sneaks into it
(Not to mention who would...) !!
"yay yay A New Toy!!!"
Thank you so much Toffee's mom and dad for your time!!
We had a great time!
We'll definitely see you again in September and hopefully Toffee as well!
Momo & Pinot/J &R
PS: We forgot to ask you Toffee's mom and dad... where was Cinnaspy???

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Barkday, Buster's Grrramma!!!
Yes, Yes, Today June 7th is Buster's grrramma's barkday.
Look at her sweet smile!
She is about to celebrate her 90th (human years!!!) barkday!
Isn't that great??

Buster's grrramma, we hope you'll have a pawtastic day!!

We'll send you big hugs!
Momo & Pinot/J & R