Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our humans are back!
Thank you for your messages during our absent from blogging.
Yes, mom, dad and our human bro returned to Toronto a few days ago.
The flight from Tokyo arrived to Toronto after hours of the hotel we stayed
so they came & picked us up next day.
" Dad.... Mom!!" Just before we jumped into the car, we noticed one of the girls who looked after us approached to us at the parking. We all said good-by and hugged. :) "You are so good to us!! Thank you!!" "We'll be home soon!!" We stayed at the hotel almost three weeks!
I, Momo gave a big hug to dad first... then Pinot.
"Our humans are FINALLY here."
"The hotel & the salon were good. We loved the ice cream time but we look forward to come home with mom and dad."
I have to pose to our humans that how the groomers did a good job before checking out.
"Mom, Sniff me!!! I smell nnnnniiiiiiccccceeeeee."
Oh yes, mom and dad brought 'some' snack home. The green coloured box says 'the rice crackers for both humans and doggies'.
We very often enjoy the same food. In other word, our humans sample doggie cookies often.
The blue coloured bag on the right bottom says the 'dental cloth for your dog'!
Thanks mom for your kind thought!
Thanks Asta for sending us this lovely St. Valentines Card!!!
We hope you and all our friends had sweet St. Valentine's day!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, February 07, 2009

We'll be back in three weeks!!
Hello there! We just wanted to let everyone know that
even if we haven't visited any of your blogs lately, you are always in our thoughts.
You won't see us around a bit longer.....
A few days ago, dad and mom took us to the car ride.
We were curious where we were ahead. When our car stopped in front of this store, we thought our pawrents would get more treats. "Are we going to stay at PetsHotel?!?" Mom and dad told us that they had to take our human pup bro to meet his grandma and pa in Japan so we have to be good doggies while they are away. We know mom and dad will miss us a lot. We'll miss them, too.
Momo & Pinot/J & R
ps: They called the hotel staff twice already to make sure if we've been doing ok. Don't worry mom and dad. We're doing just fine! :) :)