Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 1st Barkday, our brudder!!!
Wow, ONE (human) year had gone so fast...
This is the day we welcomed our human brudder. (Click here)
Then.... This is what we saw on the table!
Triple Layered Apple and Carrot Cinnamon Cake with suger free
Cream Cheese Frosting.
Pinot, the investigator needed to sniff every single bag here.....
"Now.... you may open the box." "How many toys did you get?" This is the picture called "can't you guys look at the camera for a split second?"
according to our mom.
(Momo) ... "Can I have my breakfast now?"
(Pinot) ... "So which is my new toy?"
(James) ... "What are these two thinking??"

"Mom, I am glad James is happy to open the pressies but I (Momo) am VERY hungry!!"

After our breakfast/lunch, dad started prepering something.
Then we could't help sniffing more and more from the oven.

"What is dad making?"

Meanwhile we found many barkday hats on the table.

(Pinot) "I am assigned to have a new investigation."

Our dad and mom were really busy to prepare something smells gooooooooooood and
guess what?
They said they had a reservation and were disappeared without US!!
These are the images recorded on their memory sticks. (ha!)
The dinner at ONE??
(How appropriate!)
"We had a table at a patio." "I had a bit of almost everything from the table. The tomato and basil risotto was super!" After three human came home, we had a walk then dad finished touch up the cake!!!

"Are we really celebrating our brudder's one YEAR old barkday?? Did we celebrate his one MONTH old barkday yesterday??" (Click here.)

He seemed to enjoy his barkday cake.

"Did you call us the REAL cleaners??"

"Yes, We are!"

Yay, we were about to have a REAL bite!

"Why did we need to share the plate??"

"That was good, dad!"

"The second slice was about to serve!!"

Yum!! "Happy Barkday James!!"

Our pawrents were running around for James'
barkday and they didn't spend much time with us.
So they took us to the Discovery Walk next day,
our favorite walk!
We had so much fun!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My 5th frisbee!!
Ok... Frisbee is not MY ("Princess" 'Momo) thing, this post looks like Pinots solo post again.. :D
We are really not sure if we're enjoying this summer coz it's been kinda funny.
We usually have a short but nice and sunny, bit humid but still ok summer..
A past few 'supposed to be summer months', we had so many cloudy days and sudden shower.
Occasionally even have thunder storm.
What is going on??
Anyway, a good boy Pinot got his 5th frisbee today!! Yay!!
You know why I got this frisbee.. This is the reward as a good big brudder! :)
I am good to keep eye on our human brudder from the moment he
and his mom gets up.
(Yes, our mom and I get up when our little one wakes up and starts saying dadadadada~~
through the monitor from his room.)
"I am ON duty!"
Even Statue Pinot keeps eye on our brudder. Well... this is my very first frisbee (orange) which used to my dad's.
After this orange frisbee boy went cross the bridge, I got a smily one.
I loved his company so much and we smiled each other a lot!
My pawrent still have it but he looks like a paper plate according to our pawrents.

SO I got an another orange one which sank into the Lake Ontario at Cherry Beach.

(I didn't do anything wrong, dad threw it over the water and went too far.

I wasn't allowed to go pick it up due to my safety!)

Can you believe that these is NO pic by our paparazzi pawrents??

Ok... this is my 3rd one!!!
which went missing....

I Pinot cannot belive I lost it at the park.

Ok, life must go on..........

Three humans went out quietly but they came home quickly and

gave me this new RED friesbee.

It's red just like my missing one but a bit different!!

There are four holes in the centre and supposed to be

easy to hold and pick it up.

"Let's have some fun, dad!"

Our friends Cookie and Cinnamon were wondering if we could post

a movie so here's a short one.

This is my first run. It's hard to tell but our human brudder was drinking

whatever he had in his sippy cup.

This was my last run after having so much fun.

Look at my sissy, what was she doing??? :D

Our brudder?? His sippy cup was up side down.. I guess he had stopped snacking

and enjoyed watching MY work.

Thank you very much for all of your sweet comments about our last post which was taken in our little brudder's 'future' room... gee a while ago!

The reason why we posted that picture was we're happily surprised that it's been almost.. yeah, a year since our human brudder came to this world.

OMD, many humans say time flies but it looks like it.

Your friends,

Momo & Pinot/J & R