Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Cross Country Running Season

 Hello my friends!

My long time friends may know that my bro runs competitively.
Autumn means Cross Country running Season and I wanted to support him.

A few days before his big meet, we all went to Centennial Park for 
our own course preview.

We all ran ME included!!  

My bro and daddy ran the course together and I lead my mom
to run 4K!

I didn't forget to leave P-mails everywhere.  hehe..

This is my mom's running app Strava which shows our run.  :)

She was not sure if we were able to run together since Cavaliers are not known as running companions
I was non-stop!  
Well.... she is NOT a fast runner anyway.

This steep hill is part of his 5K course.

After our day-out, I took a long bath and loooooog ZZZZZZZ time!

Bro's hard work paid off.  He was happy with his results at the high school meet!

This is Athletic Ontario Cross Country meet on
very unusual beautiful day for Cross Country. bol

Usually Cross Country means means rain, windy and miserable weather!  bol 

Go Go Go Bro~~!!

Paws up, Bro!

Autumn is my mom's favourite season!
We enjoy the view of Autumn leaves from our window.

And... during our walkies.


My teenage bro doesn't do Trick or Treating any more.

So my mom just wanted to take quick pic. 
"Me being Devil"!

Mom and I went out to see Halloween decorations in town.

See you next time!

Me keeping eyes on mom during 'work from home'.

Juno/J & R