Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's MY turn. My parkday pawty!

(September 18, 2009)

Mom showed me 'something special' just for me.
"Extra Old Cheddar Cheese! Sounds good to me!"
Meantime we smelled something ...
We seated at the chef's table. :) :)
"Our steak is done!"
Our private chef was making beef'n'veggi gravy.

The chef's mission completed!
"Let's dig in!!"
After dinner, we saw mom started making something.
"These look familiar! Are these exact same cookies she baked on Momo's barkday?"
(Mom) "Yes, I baked bone shaped cookies based on the same recipe
but I added the secret ingredient for the barkday boy!!"
Mom proudly showed us the "2" shaped cookie
with an ear and tail representing us Cavalier.
"Thanks mom but are you insulting us? Did you say Cavalier ear and tail??"
Actually we didn't really taste Cheddar cheese flavour but we appreciate her efforts.
**************** SWAG BAG *****************
Remember what we came by Cavalier Playday in late August
but we had to leave earlier due to our humans schedule? The organizer of this successful event, Brian kindly kept a swag bag for us and mom pick it up at his office two weeks after our fun day.
He also reserved two T's for mom and dad.
Can you see this famous Cavalier named Jasper on the T-shirt? I tried to pose the same.
We knew we missed out so much. There are lots of lots of goodies in the bag
but we really wished we could have stayed until the end when we saw the raffle tickets.
"Are these tickets still valid??"
This snood is a very useful. We received one so..
I took it!
"I am older and my ears are longer!"
Thanks so much again Brian!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, September 25, 2009

Momo turns four! :) :)
September 2nd was my four year old barkday! A small pawty started almost midnight!
After our human pup went to bed, mom grabbed all ingredients to bake
Wholewheat Banana Cinnamon Doggie Cookies.

She said she carefully choose the type of cookies to bake for me but we suspected that was THE easiest recipe she wanted to give it a try after our pup's bedtime which was.. well late. Anyway.... she baked a lots of cookies and dad fired up BBQ at the same time!

"Let me sample the cookie first! I am the barkday princess!"

Time to sample BBQ's pork!

Happy Barkday to me!!

Toffee and her mom gave us very very nice pressies during their visit...
and what our mom wanted to keep until my (Pinot) barkday (18th) was...

"Thanks, Toffee!!"

I Pinot was SO excited to try it out!

My barkday story will be updated shortly. Stay turn. :) Momo & Pinot/J & R PS: Happy 3 year old Biwfday, sissy Asta!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to Toronto, Toffee!!!
First of all, thank you very much for your barkday wishes, everyone!
Mmmm... we're very very behind. What we're going to talk about is our pawtastick day
to meet up with Eric's pupcake :) Toffee from Boston on August 31. As many of you have known, we've met Toffee's mom and dad (d2b) a few times but this was our very first get-together.
"Glad to finally meet you, Toffee!"
Two moms tried to capture some images of
this day but each of us was in the mood of 'let's do some own thingy.
A camera shy Toffee is a quiet girl unlike......... us. :D Our mom wanted to get the group shot and this is all she was able to do coz each of us was still doing each other's 'own' thingy. :D This day was a beautiful day. We all enjoyed sniffing around, leaving peemails and had some bite on the grass. Then, hey, look at this photo!!! Don't they look great? We love this photo!!
Thank you very much for your visit and your pressies!!!
One of the pressies was kept separately until the 18th, my (Pinot)'s barkday.
Guess what it is? :)
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, September 18, 2009

I turned TWO today!!
Thanks so much sissy Asta for sending this very cute barkday card!!
Aaaaahhh..... I love your Biwfday smoochie kisses!! This is so special and you made my day!!
Yes... I am TWO!!
Mom and dad think I still have a puppy'expression and
attitude but I am yes TWO !!
Happy Barkday to me Pinot!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

ps: We're so behind on bloggy....

more more photos will be updated soon... day... :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

The photo of the day!
There are so many photos that we want to upload badly here but
today we decided to take it easy.
This early evening, we had a usual but nice walky which we found very peaceful. :) :)
Can you tell which shadow is me Momo or me Pinot??
Ok.. here's the answer.
From left to right, Momo, The stroller which carries our human pup brudder BOL,
dad holding a frisbee and jumping Pinot and mom.
After this picture taken, we had a little break at the playground.
We so called 'three kids' enjoyed playing together. Hello, we are NOT kids. We're grown ups, mom and dad!!!
Momo & Pinot/J &R

Friday, September 04, 2009

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Downtown (Toronto) Playday

The day that we all Cavaliers in Toronto.. maybe Ontario (even outside of Ontario)
were anticipating had finally come!
Here's the Official Photo Page (link is here)
(Pinot) "I have a good feeling today!"
(James) "....................... I am wearing my new hat. "
Paws Way is a new really cool place for doggies & kittes on Toronto's Harbour Front.
When we got to the reception, the VIP pass holders like us were given this cool pass!!
We were told that almost 150 Cavaliers and 200 their servants (aka humans) were
supposed to show up!
Behind the reception area. This indoor playground is really really cool! Ok.. these servants took up so much room in this photo BUT have a close look! Can you see many Cavaliers on their arms or on the floor? The pic from the upper level of the indoor playground! "Where is our mom?" (You can spot her on the almost upper right corner!) We also love the water fountain! It was really nice to see many many happy faces!
I Momo was so grateful to see our fellow Cavaliers.
I was off leash so I was running around to say HELLO!
"I think I just found some familiar faces!!"
When mom took Pinot on leash (lol) to the upper level, I followed them.
Then I saw another familiar face so I went back to the lower floor.
Mom thought she lost me but after a while, she spotted me.
"Have we met before?"
Gee... me Pinot was on leash a whole time. :(
I enjoyed sniffing lots of friends and say woooooooooof
BUT our meany pawrents didn't allow me to run freely.
We were on the upper level. Ohhh so many happy tails!
(It's probably hard but you can see us at the end of the movie.)

Me, Momo... finding my clones.

(I am the one in centre.)

"Did I miss anyone?"
(I Momo was still happily running around.)

OMD, this is a Cavalier heaven!! (We were not here.. lol)
More Cavaliers...
Our human pup brudder probably believed he was one of the gangs,
CKCS... :D :D
mmmm.. maybe not.
Dad and three kids.
The off leash play time was over and many were about to move to a nearby park for lunch.
"The pawty hasn't begun yet!"
Everyone waited in a line to way out but after this photo taken,
our human pup was getting a bit irritable.
So we left from the emergency exit which was not a good idea!!
Toronto Harbour.
(Please enlarge the photo to see more Cavaliers!)
We took a short bread before taking off.
The back is the Toronto's man made beach. :)
CN Tower
Regrettably we had to leave the pawty BEFORE it began so we missed out so much!!!
Our humans had another place to go behind us and we were actually a bit upset.
It was great to see many many other Cavaliers we usually don't meet during our walky.
Some very nice humans came and say hello to us which was VERY nice.
We were so happy to see lots of happy tails!
We really hope there is another playday next year!!
Thanks so much everyone, especially the organizers, sponsors and
volunteers to make this happen.
Momo & Pinot/J & R
ps: We're behind ...
We met up with our friend Toffee at the first time in pawson next day.
And we had MY barkday pawty shortly after...
The pics will be posted soon!! :) :)