Sunday, January 27, 2008

A long walky at Cheery Beach!
Saturday was about -6C (21F) and flurries.
We haven't done any long walkies lately. So we decided to go out for
a bit of excise. Hoomans need it, too!
Me, Momo on the back seat of our dad's new car. :)
"I love car ride. I wonder where dad and mom will take me...."
It was Cheery Beach along with Lake Ontario.
"Can you tell where the lake is??" "Are these birdies cold??" "ggggggrrrr, my hood!!! I can't see anything!!"
Despite of this cold weather, we saw many doggies.
"Dad, look at these huge doggies!!!"
(Please enlarge the photo-
The brown doggies on the left
is taller than this owner lady's waist.)
Mr. & Mrs. Swan. This big doggie jumped into this cold water! "He must be freezing!!!" A part of the lake seems frozen and there were many floating ice pieces on the surface. All my winter booties are broken because of salt on the road so I was running bare paws. "My paws are getting cold. Let's think about heading back."
"Where did you go without me?!?"
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, January 25, 2008

- Special Announcement! -
Many of you may have noticed that Momo-kitty and me, Momo-dog
have been sissies for a quite sometime.
She kindly welcome Pinot as her new brudder when he came to our life.
Now our family is expending!!! :)
Momo kitty and Sassy have asked Asta Girl in NYC
if she would like to be their sissy and she said YES!
It means twin Momos, Sassy and Asta have become all siblings.
Isn't this great?
Look at the family portrait Asta's mommi made!
This is SISSYS Only photo that Asta's mommi also made for us. Sassy sent these all these baby photos... This is how each of us was delivered to the world. :) First, me, Momo-dog!
Pinot... Momo-kitty Sassy.... Then Asta girl...
Momo-kitty just told us that Charlotte is her cousin which leads
she is also our family member!!
So our family circle is happily expanding!!
***************************** "Looks like I am the only BOY! I am your Brudder Pinot, sissies!"
(Momo) "Pinot, you're still baby!"
Have a great weekend!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Momo-Pinot Noir!!!
Look what dad found last night!!!
Tada~~~~!! It's New Zealand wine called Momo-Pinot Noir!
According to this Australian online wine shopping site Wine Snub,
Momo means 'offspring' in Maori in New Zealand.
(Momo) "We definetely have to try this wine!"
(Pinot) "Is wine good for puppies? It has your name, sissy!"
Has any doggies, kitties, hammies tried this wine????
It's been freezing and dark here in Toronto and we haven't been able to do
a long evening walky lately. :(
What we can do is I,Momo do my business outside very quicly :D
and we all escape to the underground shopping mall. :)
We don't have so much to update so we'd like to post these two pictures. 1: "Let's do our business together!" (Pinot) "I am learning where to go and peepee and poopoo... slowly." (Momo) "I think I know where to do..........! :)" 2: "Let's take a bath together!" (Momo) "A bath time. Yay! I will smell good." (Pinot) "Help me.. I am in soaked." :( Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pinot's new toys!
Oh yes, lazy.....opps... busy pawrents haven't got a chance to
take our tree down.
Meantime all ornaments on the lower part of our tree have moved up
because of this little crazy.... oops... energetic puppy!!
While I, Momo was checking my e-mails, Pinot went crazy!!
"I wanna get it, I gotta get it!!!"
"What??" "hehehehehe... I got it!!!" Momo & Pinot /J & R

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Very nice cards from friends, visit to the vet, award
and tag game! :)
Once again thank you Stanley and baby Stella!!
We're received your Christmas card and this boooootiful portrait!!
Stanley, you have a very nice smile beside cute Stella.
We love this portrait of two of you!!!
Then we received this VERY nice handmade card from our sweet friend Yuki.
Isn't this pretty??? Thank you Yuki for making our day! :)
***************The VET*************** Yes, I, Momo had to visit the cardiologist at this clinic on Monday. Here's always a big question from our vet Dr. S. at our usual animal clinic since I was a puppy. "Does Momo have a heart murmur??? Is this getting serious?" So we had a visit to this specialist. Ultrasound and EKG were performed during our two hour visit. The result was... yes, level 3 heart murmur was confirmed as we expected. :( BUT the good news is that I don't need to be medicated at this moment. :) Normal food (important!!), normal excises, normal activity are all fine. Phew!! After our visit to the cardiologist, I had to chase those evil squires! :) "Where did they go? I just saw them!!" Then dinner time, I had to steal the biggest piece of baguette from the table. The cardiologist's helper shaved my hair... It's a little reward to myself! :)
**** **********Award!*****************
ShuShu, Kero and Momo passed this "Thank You For Being My Friend" award to us!!
Wow, we have to say thank you for being our friends, guys!!
As we said before it's very nice to know other would think of us. :)
So we would like to pass this award onto Sassy, Boo & Dopey , Momo and Charlie!
*************First tag game of 2008!!***********
First of all, we know we were tagged three times from November to December
and didn't get a chance to do any. :(
So this time we don't want to be so behind. :) This game is tagged by Blue.
1.) If I were another kind of animal, I would be a..... DOGGIE still (sorry I can't pick ANOTHER kind!) because I love my life as a doggie. (Momo)
2.) My most favoritest song is ____because____.
**We have to give up to answer this question.
We have to listen to Manilow, DuranDuran and Heavy metal all the time.
We've got mixed up many songs already... :) (Momo & Pinot)
3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in anywhere with my pawrents, (Somewhere warmer, please!) because first of all I love them.
Second of all they feed me which means alot!. :P (Pinot)
4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be 'Elizabeth Taylor' the CKCS, Charlotte's dog on Sex and The City because
we are so look-alike (at lease I believe we're almost identical!). (Momo)
5.) I should be the spokesman for Vitakraft Yogurt Drops because mom and
I love this product and we always share some drops..yumyum (Momo)
Momo & Pinot (J & R)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A big 'welcome' package from Stanley & Stella
& Awards!!!
Finally FINALLY, dad killed the evil virus on mom's computer!!
Yay Yay Yay!!!
OMD, we weren't able to visit anyone for over ten days!!!
Once again thank you so much for your generous comment on our blog. :) :)
"Dad, you're genius!!! We are proud of YOU!"
This is something we wanted to post a while ago....
A day before our trip to Detroit, we receive a big package from
Stanley and little Stella. (so sorry Stanley and Stella, it took some time to post this.)
"A red squeaky ball!! It's mine!" "A blue mousie! It's MINE!" (mom) Pinot loves this mousie and he took it with him to Detroit. "Wait wait... this might be mine?? These ball are better size for Pinot?" "Hey, we've never had a fish!!"
(Momo) "Are these all for Pinot??"
(Pinot) "Hellooooooooo Miss Pink Piggy!"
"Look look, I've got a first collar and leash!
This design is super cool!"
"It's a little big now but it's ok! I'll be a BIG BOY soon."
"I really like my new collar!! It's psycho-deli!! So stylish!!! How do I look??"
(Pinot) These are all so nice!!
"Here's the card from Gooberstan! I am sending you my kiss...kiss...kiss...kiss..."
(Momo) "I tell you, Pinot. Stanley says a red squeaky and
Miss Pink Piggy are mine. Oh yes, blue collar is mine, too!"
My pawrents really love this magnet. We see it on our fridge every day.
Stanley and Stella, you two are so sweet.
Thank you so much for sending us great pressie and Goober Love!!
Awards!! While my pawrents and my mom's pc were very sick,
we received 3 awards!!! This is a quite an honour and we feel privilege. First my sissy Momo gave me, Momo, this 'So Special Award' on January 2nd. Pinot received his very first award 'So Special Award' on the same day from Sassy! This is very special for him.
Maggie and Mitch, please accept this award from us. :)
Then we happily received 'You Make My Day Award' from
Maya & Kena on January 8th, Thor and Ludo on January 10th!!!! Wow, this award makes us feel very special. It's great to know our friends think
we make their day.
We would like to pass this award onto Lorenza and
4XB (Bailey, Baxter, Brody, and Benson).
Thor also gave us 'Bloggers of The World' on January 9th.
OMD, while we were very quiet in the blogging world we received so many awards.
Thank you so much everyone!!!
We would love to delicate this 'Bloggers of the World' award to
Stanley and Stella and ShuShu, Kero & Momo. Momo & Pinot/J & R