Monday, May 06, 2024

April edition published in May!

Hello my friends!
It's me, Juno!

My pawrents and I went to cheer on my bro and his running club teammates
who ran at Spring Sprint 5K!

It was held at Toronto's beautiful Beaches area.
The weather was gorgeous! 

It was nice to meet Cavalier puppy who was busy
sniffing the ground.  :)

A puppy detective mode is on after snow is gone!

And.... guess what?

I turned 2 on April 7!!

Happy Barkday to me! 

My barkday cake was healthy cheesecake with berries.

Thanks bro for giving me a large portion that
I deserved it!  bol

If you live in North America,
you may have enjoyed The Total Solar Eclipse on April 9.

We were looking forward to it but mom worried about the weather.  
She was working from home and kept checking NASA and the weather network.

2:11 pm

It was a mixed of sun and clouds.

Eye protection was ready!


The sun was visual when the moon started covering the sun. 

Image taken through an eclipse glasses.

2:46 pm.

The sun made an appearance from the clouds.

3:19pm : The Peak Time!

When the moon blocked the sun, the sky was covered with thick clouds and 
we were unable to view the magical moment!

Where is the famous ring? 

It was interesting to see the sky got dark and felt cold quickly.
We were at the school yard.  Everyone who waited for this moment was 
SO disappointed! šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢

Sadly, we don't get to see the total eclipse until 2144 in Toronto.



The sun was peaking from the cloud.


After the show was over, we had a very nice sunny afternoon! 

Wish if it were two hours ago!!

Did you get to see?

Have a great week everyone!

 Juno/J & R