Saturday, July 04, 2020

Pandemic but life must go on! No. 2

Staying at home and not being able to social with friends
are difficult  


we've been very lucky with the weather in Toronto
which encouraged my hoomans to go outside a lot!!

Summer is short.  Make most of it!
Mom was very impressed how bro's teacher organized class
using Google Meet and Google Classroom.

I often participated his class to get to know his classmates.

Bro made a slideshow about my life and represented
to his class online.

This is how it begins.  😁😁

After over 3 months of remote learning, this challenging school year came to the end.
Bro graduated from the elementary school he spent past 8 years since
junior kindergarten.

Grade 6 Grads walked around the school while parents, teachers and neighbours 
clapped them out.
Farewell ceremony will be postponed till the fall.

Congrats to all!

One day, I found myself in the middle of mess.  bol

Where am I?!?
Mom said Angel Momo and I lived here 12 years ago but don't remember a thing!

I was a tiny pup back then!

I sniffed and tried to leave many p-mails as possible 
on our new route. 

Things are getting better these days.  :)

During this time, what skill my hoomans improve the most?

Porched Egg! 👍

Here's daddy's.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Pandemic but life must go on! No. 1

Hello friends! Loooooooong Time No See!

Hello Canadian friends!
Happy Canada Day!

Mom aka chief-editor has been doing triple duties
and never helped me to surf bloggies these days.

Over due, mom!

Thanks technology!

Since mid-March, mom is working from home
and bro is studying remotely using Google Meet.

No worries, mom! Bro is studying!

Having two homans at home means I get more walkies during a day.


Oh well pandemic...

Hair Salons were closed.
Mom looked up how to trim boys' hair on YouTube
except mine! 

Before and After!  

Public events took place as the 'virtual' ones!
You run, record your time using app and post your result on line.

I have no complain!  I have more walkies!  

Mid-May, Dog parks in Toronto were re-opened.

We must keep 2m (6f) social distancing....  
7 chihuahua or 4 me?

One day, mom said she needed to clean up and pull out this old thingy 
from the storage and turn on the switch.

It worked!!

It's called iMac G3, 160 year old.  (have you ever heard it?)

Here's Angel Momo's pic. Mom was emotional...

Apparently this was a sensational back then! bol

I wonder why she started cleaning up our house.

Stay turn...

Pinot/J & R