Sunday, November 26, 2006

The White World! Nope! I am not talking about 'one snowy day...' story. When I got up yesterday it was so white out. It was just WHITE! Look at the sun! How foggy it is!

Where is everybody?? Have we been moved out from downtown?

Can we go out, dad and mom??


Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas is just a month away! A few days ago the Christmas tree was set up at the corner. It looks very pretty from our window. What's that bag, mom? Let me see... what is that?? "maybe mom got me more cookies?!?" (Look how I was spoiled on my birthday! I loved that!) What is that? Doesn't smell like my treats! well... mom is fanilow but she's also a headbanger! Who is 'Blind Guardian' mom? Mr. Manilow and Blind Guardian? Are they related? NO way!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Teddys :)

My dad took me to "My Pet Boutique" on my mom's birthday.

We decided to get her a blue teddy. Next day my mom got me a blue teddy in return. :)

The twins! :) :)

Her eye???...her ears???


Are you taking a picture?

This teddy is very stiff.....


She is still my friend... :) Momo/J

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mr. Manilow! Oh~Manilow!!
Let me tell you something... :) My mom loves Mr. Manilow!!! Yep, Barry Manilow! She's not just one of those 'Fanilow's!! She was fall in love with him when she was grade 8...!! She told me that it was magic! (Is she serious??) It was the time she turned up the volume to catch up 'The American Top 40'. It was the time she had a huge crush on John Taylor, Duran Duran. One day she happened to hear Barry's interview and she instantly knew that she would have loved him forever. After two decades she's still so much into him! Look what we received the other day! What am I doing with all these CDs and DVD?!?