Thursday, August 30, 2007

Girls' Nite Out!!! :)
Nope, it's not that kind of pawty!
My dad wasn't feeling well. So my mom and I stepped out together tonight!
This means I was happily allowed to wear the PINK harness! :)
*For our usual wakly, my dad wants me to wear the Blue harness.*
"I have to lead my mom tonight! I am in charged to look after my mom!
Let's go, mom!"
We first stopped at the small garden near subway station. And.... we reached to our favorite park. Can you imagine these tennis courts will be transformed into an ice skating link in a few months?? "Common Mom, follow me!!" A quick breaky for cooling me down. Back to the street... "Mom, this way!!" This well-known restaurant Sassafraz was destroyed by fire just before Christmas last year. Even though we hadn't dined there, we were sad to loose this bootiful landmark restaurant. Recently we noticed that lots of people were working on the site and the restaurant seems to be reopened just before Toronto Film Festival! "Which way shall I take you, mom?"
"oh my!! Mom, you're so tall!!"
"We're almost home! I wonder how my dad's doing.
I wonder if he feels better."
We had no Ice Cream, No fancy cocktails,
No cookies but our night out was fun!
Momo/J & R

Monday, August 27, 2007

Over the weekend the sky was grey.
We had scattered showers then it got hooomid.
My pawrents went out for a while and they were hit by pouring rain. :(
Let's check out what they purchased.
The name tags!
Whenever we hear a lost dog story we feel heartbroken.
My pawrents wanted to attach a name tag on each leash.
Nice thoughts, mom & dad!
Then my mom quickly took a shopping bag into her closet.
I wonder if my pawrents got something for my barkday?!? :)
Meanwhile I found a box on the kitchen counter.
"Pasta Maker, veggie & fruits Shredder & Meat Grinder"??
My mom and dad said this grinder thing is useful because
they can prepare my FOOOOOOOOD! :)
Nice thoughts, mom & dad!... IF this grinder works properly.
Look at this bag!
"Weight Management"???
Mean mom choose "DIET" 'coz I've gained 2lb recently.
She said putting on weight in summer is a big NO NO! :*
You know how much excise I do every day?
I do run go back and force between my pawrents.
"mom, I am coming!"
I fly back to my dad when I get scared by big doggies.
I am a super friendly doggie but I am still learning the 'social skills' with big ones. :)
"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, help!!"
I do the night walky often. Last night we walked about 2 hours. We caught the CN Tower light-up! After our walky I smelled something good. (I should blame all these yummy hooman food!) "Mom, Dad, are you supposed to prepare MY meat tonight?!?" My mom felt like home-made pizza last night. So my dad made two kinds of thin crest whole grain pizzas. (top) Brie and goat cheese, Anchovies, Prosciutto with home-made pesto sauce. Oh yes, the key is rinsed capers!! (One of my Dad's secret ingredients!) After pizza was ready, sliced cantaloupe (yes! Cantauloupe!) and Brie were placed on top. (bottom) Boccontini and Gorgonzola cheese, mushroom, red & yellow pepper, onion, with home-made red wine tomato sauce.
Hope you are not tired of seeing our dinner photos again!!!! Momo/J & R

Friday, August 24, 2007

TGIF!!! Yay!! :)
Many of you might have welcomed Saturday already!
This week my hoomans were busy and we didn't do anything special....
which was.. I guess alright.
Oh Yeah, they didn't touch their toy at all! No home-made pasta! :(
So this is me...waiting my mom to finish "her work" on her PC.
"Mom, do you think you will turn off your PC soon?"
See... having a glass table is not bad.
I can keep eye of my mom from here under the table!
"I said "SOOOOON!!!"" "Hello? I actually moved here.. in front of you!"
"Why don't I take a quick nap for a while".
I am sure our weekend will be fun! :)
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!
Momo/J & R

Monday, August 20, 2007

Toronto, noon-ish, 17C (62F), Cloudy.

Today is mom's day off. I thought we can go on a picnic but it's kinda cold... Besides I have to put this nappy on. Boys don't ask me why. :) Hey, yesterday we saw these birdies.

Mommy bird waited to get my mom's bread crumble. Then she fed to her baby bird. It's lovely, huh? :)

I thought this baby was big enough. Oh well... My hoooomans still enjoy their toy!

"Mom, dad is making something!"

Garlic mushed potato! "Is that a giant white chocolate covered Pretzel?" "Let me clean it up!" Next day... Our chef made first time home made pizza!Keep your good works, dad! Done!

(top) Smoked salmon, anchovy, Gorgonzola,

baby spinach with home-made tomato sauce.

(bottom) Salmon, feta and spinach sausage, mushroom, plum tomato, onion

mozzarella cheese with home-made pesto sauce pizza.

And most importantly freshly grinded Parmesan cheese!

Next morning, when my mom and I got up...

dad was making bread dough.

"Is that little one mine???" :) Everything looks good! "I am going to taste my bread." The end of the day, my mom prepared the special combos.

Her favorite Cosmopolitan that she's ever made by herself and Cream brulee.

Oh yes, I tried a tiny bit of Cream Brulee. It was fabulous!! ;)

Momo/J & R

Friday, August 17, 2007

I have been nominated as Photo of The Month
by my darling friend Ben_ben!!!!
Owhhhhh My Dwoooooooooog!!!!
He kindly nominated this photo so called "Momo The Big Nose!"
on August 7th (10 days ago, mother & father!!! HELLO??)
but we didn't know unti today!! Thanks, Opy for letting us know!!!
It looks like it was retouched by photoshop but NOPE! :)
We didn't even crop the photo... this is the original. If you see my eyes closely
you can see my mom who was
laying on the floor and trying to take this shot. Anyways...
If you have a moment, please PLEASE visit DWB and vote for me! :)
Have a great weekend, every doggie and hammi!!!
Momo/J & R

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have to remind you again. summer is very nice!
We do a long walky every single evening and find something interesting
or meet nice people & cute doggies.
Does anyone know what these huge leaves called?!?
I found some Autumn leaves!! It's STILL August! Can we enjoy summer?!?
Com'n! Our summer is short. Let us enjoy bootiful summer evening!
I took a uaual long nap after my walky. Then my mom and dad left for a while.
When they came home I found some boxes on the counter.
"What are those boxes?" "What is that noise?!?"
What? Are you making pasta dough from scratch?? Did your hooomans know that dough is made with flour, eggs and pinch of salt ONLY? (Obviously my hoooomans didn't!!!!) So if you wonder why we haven't left any comments on your blog (sorry!) this is the reason. We were kinda busy making the dough for last few nights. Something doesn't seem right in this picture but this is my hooomans first attempt to make fresh pasta from scratch! Let's check out side dish and pasta sauce. (R) My mom's favorite pasta sauce. (L) Salmon sausages. "Can I have a piece, dad?" It was almost midnight and our pasta dinner pawty begun. Mom, where is my plate?
My dinner looks very small but it's ok.
I already finished my usual dinner. This smells delicious!
" Thanks! :)
I am back to your table!"
Next evening.....
"Is my mom's turn to make pasta dough?"
ah, she's making scallops, ricotta and baby spinach ravioli.
It sounds great!
Keep some ravioli for me, please!
"Where is my plate?!?" Momo/J & R