Saturday, August 11, 2007

My friend River has tagged me for another fun game.
Sorry River..., it took some time to post this game.
This time, I need to answer the following 5 questions about myself.
1. Where is your favorite place to sleep?
On my mom's pillow!
She doesn't use a pillow when she sleeps so she tosses it out
when our bed time comes. One evening I got out from my own bed and
laid down on it. The pillow is a pawfect size for me
and hey! It was a good change for summer!
This pic was taken in last winter so I had a puppy-look. :)
You can see my bed here.
2. Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats or dinner?
The trick I learnt very quickly in order to be fed ;P is 'down'.
My dad has been trying to train me 'round the table' trick but
I must say this is not easy. I'll post the video when I learn this trick! ;) 3.If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone
what would you do and with whom??
I always love to explore the world with my mom and dad.
What 'world' means anywhere in downtown, parks,
walking trails, lakes, beaches etc. Wherever I take a walk with my mom and dad is fun.
This video was shot on the ferry to Centre Island. This pic was taken when we reached to Brick Works unexpectedly
during our usual long walk on the weekend.

We saw many gold fish here. Yes, gold fish! I wonder why...The moment I enjoyed bootiful sunset with dad. 4. What is your favorite toy?

I love my teddies. I got a blue teddy first then he was getting into a bad shape so my dad got me a pink one as one of Christmas pressies. They don't look like teddies anymore but still I love to play with them. :) After reading my friends' blogs I have realized that i don't own many toys but you know what? My birthday is a month away. Maybe my teddies get a sister or brother! :) 5. If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?? Nothing really... Life treats me sooo well. There are so many things I smile about in my life.

The one thing I wish for is that all animals are treated well and be happy. :) Momo/J & R


Lorenza said...

Hi, Momo.
Thanks for playing this game. I like my mom's pillow too!
Sure you have lots of places to go with your mom and dad.
You are good with that trick! I like it!
Take care

Asta said...

I love your Teddies, and wow you're welly good at waiting and being polite with your foods..much better than I am..I sit but I don't do patient lie down like you..youre a vewy disciplined good little puppy, no wonder you Mommi and Daddi take you on all those adventuwes..the fewwy looks like fun, and what a bootiful sky full of puffy clouds..I just leawned how to swim, but pwobably I'll fowget,cause there's no where here to do it
smoochie kisses

Smudge said...

hey momo! i love boats too and even have my very own lifejacket! i haven't been online for a bit as mum has got a new job, we have been travelling all over london last week and are exhausted!
i pawmise i will blog soon :)

smudge x

River said...

Thanks for answering my questions Momo - and sorry for tagging you twice - must have had a brain frizzle there!!

Your dinner looks sooooo tasty - all those different coloured foods you are so lucky!!

Oh is it your barkday soon - I'd love to send you a present!!


Balboa & Mommy said...

WTF, she puts the food down and then doesn't give it to you. I think you should do the same thing to mommy. Food should be given to us because were cute!!!!!

Anyway, you are so lucky to travel all over and meet lots of people. Hope you give all of them lots and lots of kisses.

Frenchie SNorts

ROSSI said...

Hi Momo!... oh i love everything bout u... especially u being so polite during meal time..

Golden Rossi

jaffeboy said...

Konichiwa, MoMo. It was soooooo nice to finally meet you!

It was nice chatting. Looking forward to the next one.

MaMa looked up the Jap dictionary & she says I should say "Sayonara" when I exit!

Faya said...

Your teddies are very nice. I don't know how you do to be so patient...I can't like this for my dinner...And your life looks like a big adventure... Kisses, Faya

fee said...

hi momo! i don't have that many toys either. mom wants me to really cherish them so she doesn't buy many of them for me.

there's a humming sound in the second video; i can see you but i can't hear you at all!

i'm happy that you are happy and have nothing you need to change in your life!


Putter said...

Hey Momo!

Great facts about you! I think your sleeping place is particualarly excellent! :) Talk to you soonest, okay?

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Boo said...

momo, are you a daddy's girl. in the video, i saw you trying ask daddy to pick you up. even tho i'm a boy, i do that too!

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Momo, you look so sweet in your bed. :)

~ Girl girl

jaffeboy said...

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, MoMo...

I think MaMa can sort of recognise the CN Tower in your 2nd clip. Is it right?

MaMa misses Canada...

Amber said...

Hi Momo,thanks for sharing so much about you. Whoa, sure looks fun going out with your mom and dad. Your teddies are so cute. Your meal looks yummy 6:
You're a very gentle dog.

Take care,

Snowball said...

Hey pretty,

I was also tagged by River for this game but I have not gotten round to post it yet...oops... I MUST get it done fast before River gets angry with me :P


PerfectTosca said...

Momo, very informative. And you sure are good at manners. Boy you sure get out in the world with your people. Lucky doog!