Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On St. Valentine's Day

Yappy! We finally finally feel warm air is coming into our town!
What we didn't have to wear winter coat this morning was nice but grrr.....
Melting snow reveals SO many frozen poops everywhere!
Here's me, a VERY unhappy Momo this morning.
"I didn't want to walk in the pond."
We received this card in our mail box a few days prior to the romantic day.
"Who could be the sender?"
This was actually an ad of one real state representative who is a Cavalier daddy.
He organized CKCS Downtown Playday (what a fun memory!)
back in the summer of 2009. (Our post is here.)
We thought this was a nice way to send out your message since all representatives' flyers look the same. :D :D
"So Brian, can you please organize that event again??"
Our brudder made this St. Valentine's card at daycare and made our mom a big smile.
Many humans probably went out for romantic dinner
BUT our humans weren't able to.. Instead they decided to do something for everyone at home.
Chef daddy made this pawtastic seafood dinner for three humans.
Mom's huge plate.
Our brudder also got his own plate.
Here's mom's request to dad:
Cristini with a layers of Scallops, Gorgonzola and Baffallo Mozzarella.
Then dad BBQ'd chicken just for us.
Mom said this is a special Valentine's BBQ chicken.
"Does it really look like a heart shaped meat?!?"
Be patient... patient... patient..
Everyone's favourite time: It's time for desert!
You probably notice there are tons of Chocolate covered goddies here.
Mom and dad bought a Hazelnuts chocolate cake and chocolate covered strawberries
for our brudder in the morning.
Yap, sadly they forgot to pick up something good for doggies in the morning.
Mom felt very very guilty (which she should!).
Mom and brudder went back to the store and picked up two mini non-chocolate cupcakes
and three chocolate mini cupcakes.
Made of real sugar.. but it's ok for a special occasion!
We hope you enjoyed St. Valentine's Day!
Dad never forget to send a bouquet to mom on a special occasion... a very very pretty one.
This year, he ordered it online and guess what! It didn't arrive on time.
Mom was still happy to hear his effort even if he was a bit annoyed.
Next day, these pretty red roses were delivered to our house. :) :)
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wet Wet Nose competition!

Hi everyone!
We hope all of you get goodies,
have good walkies, being pampered, and .....
being simpy happy with your humans!
Our balcony is covered by white snow. Ahhh messy!
Today it's -15C (5 F) again and couldn't sniff around outside for long. :( :(
While we snuggled together, our brudder had a big day! All humans went to
Sherbourne Common which was recently opened on Toronto's East Bayfront.
Dad said he was very good at standing up on the ice.
Good start, pup!
While our humans were out, we had a game.
"Who have Wet Wet Nose" competition!!
Entry No. 1: Momo~
Entry No. 2: Pinot~
I think I won! What do you think?
Have a nice day!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

'Wordless Wednesday' has been always something we wanted to do and we finally made it an hour before
our Wednesday is over!
Ooooops, this is supposed to be 'wordless'.
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's February!

It's February! What does't that mean?
This month is considered as the last freezing month of our winter.
We hope time flies like a rocket and we'll welcome a nice warm(er!) March soon!
Second of all, St. Valentine's Day is coming in two weeks.
Do you remember we posted about this moosey who changes her
outfit every once in a while?
We just Googled about her. Her name is Florence Moosengale and she is Toronto's only
moose-nurse who works for a private nursing office. :) :)
Mom and dad have been very busy since they got three kids.
We hope they'll make February 14th a very special.
"No worries, mom and dad! We'll be GOOOOOOOOD!!" :D :D
The other day, mom spent a few hours to organize brudder's closet
for the very first time since he was born.
She couldn't believe how many clothes she has kept there.
Every time she pulled something out, she had to stop and smile.
Look at these clothes! The one on the right is a new born baby outfit.
Gee, does he really fit in here?!? That is a smaller than my head!!
There are piles of clothes but the funny thing is that each one was worn only a few times.
You might wonder what my sissy was doing?
Hehehe.... She was still in bed and that was ok..coz this is my rare solo post!
Pinot/J & R