Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pup sitting & a walky in town!

We get to play with our brudder all the time.
That's always fun, especially for me Pinot.
We chase together, sniff each other (true!), dive to a pile of blanky on the bed,
do hide'n'seek and make ourself laugh. :)
Then when he wants to do something by himself, we're by his side
and observe him quietly.
"Oh No.. he's not supposed to stand up on the furniture!!
Don't let our mom and dad see this!"
A few seconds after....
(Pinot) "Sissy sissy sissssssssssy... wake up!!"
Yes, pup sitting is a hard work!
Today we'd love to share this video that makes us laugh so hard.
Our brudder loves running on the treadmill.
********A walky in town********
Most of the pictures we post is from the parks or trails so you probably think
where we live is quiet and surrounded by lots of green.
Mmmmm.... we have to say it's actually opposite.
That is ok with us. Life is good here. :) :)
Today you find some photos that we took in our neighbourhood
a few days ago.
The morning rush hour was over and it was rather quiet.
There are condo buildings, shops and schools along the street.
One of the local radio stations broadcasts from here.
The area includes many office buildings, a numbers of restaurants and a subway station.
"Ahhh...Something smells good here!"
OH YES, there is a HOT DOG stand.
"That smell makes me hungry!"
"It's time for lunch, mom!"
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you, Dogster!

A few days ago, we received a surprise peemail from this nice lady N @ Dogster.
Yes, Dogster!!
N told us she goes through 50 blogs a day and (Can we be your assistants, please?? :) :) )
lately she visited our blogy and liked it. :) So she selected ours to be one of their favourite sites.

We don't need to explain about this very well-known and largest doggie community site, right?
This is where we met some of our friends a long before
I Momo started my own blogy back in October 2006. (Link is here.)
Thanks so much, N and entire family!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello Spring!

A pawfect blue sky and a double-digit temperature, we have nothing to complain about our life!
This simple thingy motivated our mom to take us out to Rosedale Ravine this afternoon
which is just a few steps away from our doorway but never visited during the winter.
"Awwwww.... Air is so fresh!"
Mom said she regretted to come here for a split second when she saw so many puddles
and unmelted snow on the trail but hey we were happy!
I Momo tried not to step on the puddle.
"Can you see my paws stay clean?"
Ha ha ha.. I Pinot didn't care! I had to jump in and sniff every single muddy spot.
Yes, I heard our mom said "hey, don't go there!" a million times
"I am checking my pee mails."
No more hibernation. Good by to our long winter!
We took a shower for a very LONG time after our walky.
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, March 12, 2010

Treats for everyone!

This afternoon, I can't stop noticing that our mom was making something for our brudder.
"Mom, are you out of tinfoil??"
I also noticed that she was reading up Annnabel Karmel's recipe book for human pups.
"Salmon Starfish??"
Salmon Starfish??
Are we ALL looking at a bone shaped........ whatever for doggies??
Mom is here... ok... tell you the truth. We don't have many cookie cutters.
The bone shaped treats are more appealing than fire hydrant shape ones to humans,
aren't they? :D
After a while..
"What are these balls?"
Salmon Croquettes DONE!
"Pup, Caution - Hot. You have to give it a try a bit later!"
Tonight. Three plates were ready.
Yay, we had a second plate!
Momo & Pinot/J & R