Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pinot from Australia

The other night, dad brought back something special for mom and me.
"Where is my glass??"
Mom and dad don't buy this Pinot drink so often but mom said this was the best Pinot.
Cheers to our friends and sissy Momo in Australia.
Pinot/J & R

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Walky with mom

Yesterday was a very nice sunny day and mild.
It was about 5C (41F) and we felt the smell of bit of Spring.
"We're here with our mom today!"
Even if our brudder was bundled up in the snowsuits duing our walky a day before,
it looks like he was catching a bit of bug.
So just to be safe, we left two male humans behind.
"Call me a space man!"
(Our brudder on Saturday)
No worries.... he's ok. He eats well and is very active... just like me Pinot! :)
Lately mom rarely takes us out so she forgot to grab MY frisbee
when we left the house.
"Dad knows what I need. But...hahaha... I found a super cool stick instead!"
Some humans at the park told me I looked like having a pacifier but....
do they know I am NOT a pup? Can you believe this hill was covered by snow in mid January?
We haven't got a good chunk of snow since then.
It's now hard to imagine what we tobogganed here. (Our report is here.)
There were many human pups at the playground.
"Sorry brudder... you would have enjoyed the slide and swing."
Then we heard somebody was saying that the winter storm is headed towards us.
"What??? What??????"
This pawson was right. The snow is falling for hours already and this storm might be the biggest one
of 2010. Mmmm.....we wonder if we'll get a chance to ride on the sleigh again.
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, February 14, 2010

bath time!

We have to admit there is absolutely not much going on around here.
If so, mom, the chief editor, why don't you help us to visit our friends blog?
Anyways... it's been cold but no snow and wherever we have a walky we are covered by mud. :( :(
so we have to take a bath.
"Dad, massage my paws, please!"
After bath, we usually cuddle up under the blanky.
I Pinot was about to fell asleep.
BUT call me the action man, I can't stay still more than a minites. :D
A curious brudder didn't hesitate to investigate immediately.
"This object is warm and wet...."
After a few runs, I Pinot decided to cuddle with my sissy again.
Our mom and dad took this photo recently while doing some errands
without US. Ha!
Here's a moose on the corner of Moore Ave and Mt. Pleasant, Toronto.
Our mom tells us he must be one of the moose of The Moose in Town project back in 2000 and
found a good forever home after the project was over.
His closet must be huge. He changes his outfit on every single occasion.
This time he wears Canadian Olympic team track suite and a matching hat and scarf.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!
We've received these lovely cards.
This is from our sissy Asta.
Thank you so much!!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, February 04, 2010

New pup training?

According to our mom and dad,
our brudder is having a new training
but I have no idea what he's doing.
He was actually carrying this blue 'potty thing' around in the house after
the photographer left the room. (hahaha...)
Pinot/J & R