Thursday, December 26, 2019

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone!  It's me Pinot!

Did The Elf on The Shelf thingy come and watch you?

Grigio The Elf surely did!
Knowing me and bro have been very good,
we prepared some fuels for Santa Paws and his helpers before bed!

Yay, yay!!  They really arrived!!

Pressies are delivered 
all the way from the North Pole!!

Looks like Santa Paws was out of wrapping paper this year. 😁😁

Ah...thank you!
Vanilla Snowflake Flavoured Cookies!

"Made with Real Snowflakes! Really?!?"

Here's Maple Glazed Ham nibbles!

My bro and daddy shared my snack.

Our hoomans are so happy to receive 
sparking water makers!

No more pricy Perrier! I get it!

"Who's next?"

Santa Paws knows mom's crave! hehehe.

While Chef Daddy was preparing Christmas Dinner,
mom and I went out for walkies.

After bath and nap,  super garlicky yummy smell woke me up.

(From top left)

Israel (Pearl) Couscous with Brussels Spouts, parsnip and sweet potatoes
(This the only dish that mom made!),
Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese casserole,
Roasted Garlicky Potatoes,
Veggie sausage and bacon,
Our all time favourite veggie stuffing
(We eat as is! NO birdy on the table!),
Shrimp Scampi,

Me..... checking the dinner table.

Mmmmm...  my 2nd appetizer is really small.

Ok... this was my 2nd.  

Mom's plate.

We hope you had a lovely relaxing time
over the holidays!

And it's not over YET!

Pinot/J & R

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Tree is up!

Christmas tree at Alexander The Great Parkette in Greektown.

Isn't this pretty?  😊

Santa Paw is coming soon!

Pinot/J & R

Friday, December 06, 2019

Snow Snow Snow!

Mommy found Momo's winter coat.
It's pawfect for snowy day.

After snow stopped, beautiful blue sky was appeared.

Mommy took a day off today and we had a nice walky while sun was out!  

Can you see my happy tail? :)

Withrow Park looked really nice.

Today is PA day (Professional Activities for teachers) 
and schools are closed, many kids came to the park.

It was the pawfect day for tobogganing!  

Pinot/J & R