Monday, February 12, 2024

"Before Bed Time" walkies!

 Hi there!  It's Juno! 

Mom was looking for my photos and somehow most of them
are 'before bed time' walkies.  

This day, February 1 around 9pm.
We noticed that traffic lights were out.

Apparently, racoon made contact with the equipment and 
knocked out the electricity in Toronto's downtown core.

Racoon's condition unknown!

This was around 7 in the morning.  
It's still dark.

it was 9C 948F) on past Friday.
I was happy that I didn't need a coat
but mom says the global warming is very concerning.

Just checking the show window!

Super cute pressies arrived from mom's best friend M
who is also a Cavalier mom.

Snood for me! A cowl scarf and coffee cup sleeve for mom.
Can you see Angel Momo, Pinot and me on the sleeve?
We love them!!

A big thank you M!

Ok.. enough night shots!
It's time for breakfast!

Until next time, take care my friends!

Juno/J & R