Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you recognise this horrible horrible man??
Last night, we visited our friend Ludo's blog and found a very very sad and
heartbreaking story of a doggie named Jess.
Jess's elderly owner left Jess, 12 years old Border Collie, outside of the Tesco store in
Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, UK for 10 minutes.
When he came back, Jess had gone. Later on, she was found dead in river.
A close up photo of the worst human. RIP Jess.
We live very far from Cleckheaton but just like Ludo,
we wanted to spread the story to our friends.
We hope that our action might reach to someone with information to catch this man.
Here are some links:
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Am I a kitty?? :)
It's been cold, dark and wet here in Toronto.
Nothing is really happening in our house. :(
While my sissy is taking a nap, I wanted post this picture which was taken before Christmas.
Yes, it's me Pinot. :) This is my second solo post.
Dad and mom often laugh at me and tell me that I have a kitty attitude.
I was just laying on back of the couch.
Do I look like a kitty? :) I know that my sissy can't climb anywhere. hehehe...
I wonder how our kitty friends think of my skill.
Pinot (& Momo) / J & R


Ok...... sissy wakes up. :D
Here we are... posting the 'Friend Bloggy Award' that we received from our new friend Nessa.
This is Nessa's first award so congratulations! and
thank you so much for sharing this award with us.
We would love to pass this award onto...

Nessa, we have to than you again for passing this award onto us!!

What you thought about us makes us really happy.

We would love to share this special award with



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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's freeeeeezing here!!!
A few days ago, mom heard that the very icy temperature was supposed to
hit Eastern Canada the following day.
She didn't think we would enjoy our walky if the temperature is below -20C (14F)
so she took us for a long walky while the temperature was still -10C (14 F).
"Brrrrrrr...........-10C is cold enough!"
The average temperature around this time is -2C (high) and -10C (low)
so this is an 'extreme'! :(
I, Momo wasn't so excited but touched by a bootiful sunset. Pinot found a giant ball and was about to investigate.
Thanks mom but an hour walky was long enough. :(
"Can you tell if this is Momo or Pinot????" :)
Lately our human pup's pediatrician gave our mom and dad go ahead to introduce
him some special food called 'solid food'.
"The solid food???"
To mark his 5 month barkday, mom and dad gave it a try.
Yes, our humans love to celebrate. hehe..
Dad's big camera and a camcorder were ready to shoot the moment! :D
Mom mixed rice cereal and some milk.
"Hey, the solid food doesn't look solid!!!"
Mom had three possible scenarios before feeding to James.
Scenario #1: He would not open his mouth.
Scenario # 2: He would lick it and spit it.
Scenario # 3: He would say "No thanks!"
The result was ..........
Surprisingly he had no hesitation. He ate full two table spoons of very watery cereal.
We didn't know human pups don't eat food until this age.
"We doggies are more independent!!"
"Give me more, mom and dad!"
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy belated New Year!!!
We had tons of pressies during the holidays.
Well... the biggest Holiday season was over but
one more pressie had arrived to our house!!
Mr. Postman dropped this package off just after the New Years Day.
It flew in from Singapaw!!!!
The senders were our good friends Rudolf and Goofy!!
First we were impressed by their card! Then look at the candy canes saying 'not for canine consumption'. This made our mom a big smile! What a nice thought!!
Mom helped us to open the package.
I, Pinot couldn't wait any longer and tried to jump'n'grab everything on the counter.
I, Momo was patient. I knew i wanted to try this Christmansy bow-tie right away!
Ha! I successfully picked up this cute Teddy Boy!
"Mom... this pic is very blurry!!"
"It's MINE!!! It's MINE!!! I licked it already!!!!!"
This was a very generous pressies.
We can't say thank you enough, Rudolf and Goofy and their humans!!!!
Pinot's new Teddy went back to the tree as well as the cute stuffy ornament. :)
We wish Rudolf, Goofy and everyone a happy and healthy new year!!!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R