Friday, May 28, 2010

Our last morning walky with mom

Yap, that's right. Our last one.
For a past few months, our day start with our morning walky with our mom
after mom and dad come back from a place called daycare.
We really don't know what it means but we heard you will find many
young humans under training like our brudder.
"Time to check out our pee-mails!"
A quick stop for the refreshment.
We're very thankful for a very kind human who have left a water bowl for doggies next to
the water fountain. Today we had our own which is a pressie from
Kana's mom. :) :)
We'll lead the way...
The blue thingy is our water bowl. It looks like a frisbee, doesn't it?
It fits in your purse, ladies... :D
"Keep up, mom!"
We saw many human kids playing sport.
Then we had to take a quick break.
It was 10 in the morning but the temperature was already 25C (77F).
Can't wait to have another refreshment at home!
Good luck on your return to work, mom!
Momo & Pinot/R and J

Friday, May 21, 2010

A package from NZ & Happy (belated) Moms' Day!

A day after we posted about Momo wine, our mom received an email
from M, a good friend of hers.
M said while she was travelling in New Zealand, she saw Momo wine by surprise
and mailed it to us! Then she read our Momo wine post.
M, it doesn't matter what we already tried.... we really appreciate your thought.
Ten days had passed, the package arrived safe!
"How exciting!"
"I am gonna open it!"
"I have pawfect K9. Let me tear up the package!!"
Eventually we helped each other to open the package.
MOMO... you, you are special.
You travelled miles miles away from the other of the globe by yourself!
(Momo) "Mom, I know what you're thinking but we have to keep this bottle unopened for a little while."
"It's so kind of you, M. Thank you very much!"
Momo wine was sold for limited time only so we can't get them anymore.
We wonder if this bottle is the only one in Ontario.
****** To all moms!!!******
"Happy Moms' Day!"
Obviously this is our late post. These pics were all taken on May 9th. :D :D
Our brudder's showed us his Moms' Day craft that he made at daycare.
This was very special to our mom so here's the picture.
(Momo) "Mmm....It's a raspberry chocolate cake. That means we won't get much."
Dad helped us to pick up pressies for mom.
First of all... mom, you love Cup Noodles so we got you a
Noodle Cup! It's reusable! Very green!
Secondly, we have to give you TWO Woof Woof, two big barks.
One of them is Expresso Crunch Bark which keeps you going through the day!!
And here's our favorite one- Dog Bag!
It has citrus scent and it's your favourite colour, PINK but
they are degradable so it's very green!
Picking up our poop is fabulous job from now on!
Let's have some cake!
"Why did I have to wait for 21 months to have my first chocolate cake?"
Mom carefully cut a cake. There was no chocolate cream but we definitely smelled raspberries.
In the evening, dad fired up the BBQ.
Another pressi that we picked up for mom is Jamie's Food Revolution.
(To our new friends, our pawrents used to watch Food Network all the time and
Jamie Oliver is one of their favourite chefs. They even went to see him at his autograph session.
Link is here.)
This book inspired mom instantly and she wanted to try one of his recipes, dressed asparagus.
It looks like this book inspired our brudder, too.
We look forward to your future, brudder!
Dad has made many yummy dishes but this Scallops dish was another huge hit.
He often mentions 'Simplest The best (in cooking) and feel the flavour!
But he challenged something different.
He ordered grilled scallops with cheese at the greek restaurant a few days earlier and it was
good so he wanted to make his version.
He decided to make baby Parmesan and Bocconcini crostini first then placed huge scallops and
Gorgonzola on top. These were cooked in the regular oven in the kitchen.
The dinner was ready!
(Top: L to R) Sauteed King Mushroom with hint of sea salt (ahhh YUM!),
Scallops on crostini, grilled prawns, mom's Asparagus & carrots dish
(Bottom: L to R) Grilled yellow and red peppers, little red potato, onion and garlic
that cooked in the Big Green Egg for TWO!
"Mom, don't you forget something?"
Thank you dad to help us to make our mom smile!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Barkday dad!!

Lately our mom was running around a lot and
exchanged many emails with 'someone'
secretly to prepare this table....
for our dad!
Wednesday was our dad's barkday.
It doesn't look like she did a huge job but
mmmmmmmmm.. what can we say???
Mom wanted to throw the pawty earlier the night but you know her....
Poor brudder James...
he was waiting for a long time and he was pooped when everything was FINALLY ready.
The barkday boy, our dad unexpectedly announced
that he wanted to make pizza!!
Mom planned something else (to order something, mom???)
and she didn't know what to do BUT what an offer!!
We ALL love his meals! :) :) :) :)
Dad was about to cook pizza in Big Green Egg.
(L) Tomato, Anchovy, Shallot & Olive oil on whole grain dough
(R) Tomato, Mini Portobello, Gorgonzola, Baby Parmesan,
Bocconcini (Yum!) & one more cheese (geeeee, we forgot its name) on
whole grain dough.
Dad put fresh Basil on top.
"Ahhhhhhh it smells SO good!
You are HIRED!"
Two male humans in the house.
We wonder what was in the big box!!
(James) "The present must be belongs to me! I am the King (of the house)!"
(Momo) "The big and flat box means a delivered pizza!
BUT it doesn't smell anything like that!"
(Pinot) "Let me sniff it first!"
Dad's guessing had begun.
I Pinot was still sniffing and had no clue!
Ok... dad could easily tell it was shipped.
("Mom, did you wrap it right after you picked up the delivery?")
Mom told him a hint that it had arrived from NYC.
Dad is usually very good at telling what's inside but this night
he gave up and opened it!
"What what what??? Is this painting??"
I think I know the artist. Is this Asta's moms' work?????"
Our brudder was having dad's pizza and watching what was going on.
What a beautiful painting!!
We LOVE it!!
We were barkless for the longest time. It's not just the way it's painted
but we're amazed how our pawsonalities were captured on the canvas.
Mom had another present to dad which was personalized Stamps.
A while ago, dad ordered personalized stamps of Me.. just ME! (Link)
This Easter family photo was one of many photos that mom
sent to Asta's mom to request the image.
So she ordered stapms as a memory of this project. :) :)
Asta's mommi, we can't THANK YOU enough for your beautiful work.
Sissy Asta,
We know our mom made your mommi very very busy.
We're sending you a lot of a lot of kisses and hugs
to you and your mommi and daddi.
Momo & Pinot/J &R

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Three more weeks to go!

A Cavalier girl and her pups on film...??
We still don't know.
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Monday, May 03, 2010

Momo meets Pinot

On past Saturday, mom was flipping through a magazine that
she picked up at LCBO, the 'official' liquor store
and screamed. :D
"Looooooooook, Momo! it's MOMO!! MOMO is finally available here!"
(Am I here under your desk????)
(Enlarge photo. The bottle on left is me, MOMO.)
Btw, let us explain what LCBO is.
It's Liquor Control Board of Ontario.
(Yep, humans' alcohol consumption has to be
controlled. hehehe..!)
LCBO stores are the only places to sell hard liquor in Ontario.
Sounds strict, huh??
We've known this Momo wine for a while. (click here).
If we remember correctly, our sissy Momo's SS and another sissy
Asta's mommi and daddi had its Pinot-Noir.
But our pawrents didn't want to order a box from miles away
so we waited and waited until this day!
"Hello MOMO!"
Mom checked the online inventory so she knew exactly which store to go.
Good job, mom!
It's very neat to see our names on the label. :D :D
As you can see, they made a long journey from NZ where our friends
Their official site says Momo means 'offspring' in Maori.
So.... we've gotta try!
Our pawrents bought MOMO-Pinot Gris and
Momo-Sauvignon Blanc that are two available ones at the store.
Oh yes, I saw my name on the cap, too.
Moment of the truth....
"Sissy, are we supposed to sniff in a cup first???"
"Ah....It was worth to wait!"
Well... we're doggies so we were only allowed to sip a teeny tiny bit.
Now here's the big question. Where did the rest of the bottle go??
Momo & Pinot/J & R