Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Report from Japan: Part 2 :) :)
Hello there.. before we upload many many photos from our humans' vacation in Japan,
we wanted to show you how we spent time with our little brudder.
This is our typical morning chat.
I, Pinot go to our little brudder's room first in the morning when he wakes our mom up.
I am always up to it unlike...well....... I won't mention HER name who never get up in the morning.
"Pinot, now I am officially heavier!!!"
Mom and dad think our mentalities are about the same level... Is that so?!?!?
We have no problem to take a picture together.
We even dance together. We've learnt difficult steps and foot works on The Dancing With The Stars. You may wonder what Momo usually do. She sometime shares our bed with James. (Obviously not by her choice....hehehe...)
Ok... report!
This is one of the very good lunch our humans enjoyed.
It's called Kaiseki which is a traditional multi-course meals.
This was a casual lunch but our humans loved the taste,
appearance and colors of food. Very neat!
This is our German Shepperd auntie named Shieta who has been happily retired from her
acting career. After leaving the spot light on the red carpet thingly,
she found our grandparents' as a forever home.
Our kitty auntie Tama.
Time to explore Tokyo again by Yamanote Line.
(Shibuya Station)
Even if it was Sunday evening, this intersection in front of Shibuya was packed. "Can you see our mom and James??"
"Ahhh.. we found you guys!"
Our brudder was fascinated by seeing colourful neon signs and lots of lots of humans
and hearing so much noise.
Obama Obama Obama! "Let's learn English from Obama inauguration!"
The heart of Ginza, Ginza 4-chome intersection.
This is Ginza's landmark, exclusive Wako department store and Wako clock tower.
This building started out as Hattori, a horology shop, in the late 1800's.
(now Seiko Holding Co..) and the clock was first installed in 1894.
This is where our grandma had worked as an executive secretary ages ago.
There are many upscale restaurants and designers boutiques in this district.
Channel, Louise Vuitton, Gucci, Dior... you name it! Do you know that the first Asian McDonald' restaurant was open on the street in 1971?
The streets get busier after 5!
(Mom is here..) It's hard to believe that I was one of the shoppers years and years ago
when I worked for the patent attorneys located near here.
I didn't always shop but loved to browse the stores after work.
It was an interesting job to take a peak on the patient applications
from our 'very well known name' clients in North America and Europe. (Ok. I didn't steal any idea ok??.)
A different types of shopping after 5 at Ameya Yokocho market district in Ueno.
"Do you feel like seafood dinner tonight???"
Yes, pawrents felt like seafood. It's time for Sushi dinner!
One of fun places to find snacks and drink is a 24 hour supermarket
like Seven-Eleven. You can buy concert tickets, recharge your cell phones battery,
pay your utility bills and do all sort of things.
During the walky in the area where our grandpawrents have lived for past eight years,
our dad found this abandoned shrine (??) and gate.
One day, grandpawrents took our pawrents and James to the coastline located in
Choshi city, Chiba.
This Inubo-saki light house was designed by a British architect and built in 1894.
Pacific Ocean.
"Momo~, Pinot~~~!!!"
All humans stopped by the seafood restaurant nearby for late lunch and mom ordered Sashimi-don.
More fish............!?!
Our grandpawrents know where to go and get fresh seafood.
They sometime visit Oarai Fish Market in Ibaraki.
They wanted our mom and dad to enjoy fresh seafood on their last day in Japan
so all humans drove to this market.
The other day, humans visited Kairakuen Park, Mito, 100km away from Tokyo.
Too bad that they missed the famous Plum Tree Festival.
Humans came by "Swan Park" to feed them. Mmmm... where are they?????
A view over Lake Kasumigaura.
Can you see Mt. Fuji on left side above the water?
Thanks for scrolling down to see our report.
Oh yes, we have to say thank you one more time to our special friends,
What a lovely award that we've shared with you guys and many other special friends!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The report from Japan! Part 1. :) :)
OMD, it's already mid-March but it's still chilly here in Toronto.
Today we put a matching winter coat on.
As long as I can get my stick, I am a happy boy! :) First of all...we're sorry for not being able to visit your blog for a very long time! Blame our mom!!! Even if you don't see us as much as before, you're always in our thoughts! Today we want to post some pictures that our dad and mom took while visiting Japan. Here's our human brudder on the flight. The destination ...
When our pawrents booked the flight over the phone, they were told this was a direct flight between Toronto and Tokyo. Pawerts thought this meant this was a non-stop flight
they found out that it was NOT when they arrived to the Toronto Airport!!!
The first flight took five hours to Vancouver, then they almost missed the connecting flight due to the wrong info provided by the pilot and almost lost James' stroller at the Vancouver airport.
Anyhow they managed to get on the nest flight to Tokyo (phew!) which took 9 1/2 hours.
James was very good on two flights.

Happy first union with James' grandpawrents!

James greeted to four chihuahua aunties. There are more doggie aunties and uncles and a kitty auntie.

They all shared this bootiful sun dawn from grandpawrents' garden.

The view from 34th floor of the hotel in West Shinjuku.

"I am going to explore Tokyo today!"

The metropolitan government building.

Tokyo skyline from the observatory of the government building. James' grandma was one of the crowds to cheer up walkers of 50K race walk at The Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. She wonders if James will be the witness of the Olympic games in Tokyo... just like her. Dad and James wandered around busy East Shinjuku. After sun goes down, the town gets busier. "Time for the pawty in this sleepless town!" New rule for humans... This is part of the town that mom used to hang out. ("When was that?") :D
Many believe that it's rather complicated to take trains and subways in Tokyo.
Nope it's not! :)
There are over 30 tiny yakitori (chicken skewers) eateries and bars on this very narrow alleyway called Omoide Yokocho (The Alleyway of your memories.).
Pawrents found these special boots for doggie. :D
(from L to R)
Wan-Wan (means woof woof) Japanese Sake (rice wine)
Wan-Wan Sparkling Wine
Wan-Wan Beer
Wan-Wan energy drink
Wan-Wan English Tea
James was pooped. :) Look at this photo! Our pawrents saw this supermarket!! 13th is James' 7 month barkday!!
"Happy Barkday little brudder!!"
More photos will be posted.
Have a great weekend!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R