Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BBQ, Please!!
"Dad, you said we'll enjoy BBQ when this Big Green Egg (which is behind us)
was delivered to our place two weeks ago!
(Mom calls it's a giant avocado!)
Then we received another delivery which was our little brudder, James.
This has been wonderful
we're still waiting to try your fillet Mignon and seafood kebabs that
you promised to prepare for us!" :)
Thank you very much for your very kind comments on our last post.
Our brudder is doing very well and keeps our pawrents VERY busy.
They seem to have only one meal a day lately.
They haven't got a chance to help us
visiting your blogs but we hope to come by and say woof one day soon.
We miss you all.
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let us introduce our little brudder James! :) :)
A few hours after we updated our previous post on the 12th,
we were still doing "normal activities"
such as our evening walky around 10pm. On the way back,
mom had a crave for a slice of cheesecake (or 'two'?!?) so she stopped by the nearest
supermarket. We got home and she took shower.
We were relaxing and everything we did was normal.
Then she told us that 'something' was happening in her tummy.
She still didn't know if that was what she had anticipated.
A shortly after midnight, dad and mom told us to be good and
they left. They didn't come back that night.
That was our very first night to sleep by our self and we were worried.
Oh yes, mom's cheese cake was still in the fridge.
We kept wondering why they were disappeared.
Next day, dad quickly came home, fed us and we did a shortly walky.
He gave us a BIG smile and told us that this email
was sent out to our friends and family.
"mmmm... James?!?"
We waited one more day to meet our mom
our little human brudder! Look how tiny he is!
(please enlarge photo.)

The moment we saw our tiny tiny brudder, we couldn't stop wagging our tails.

This is James, 15 minutes old. :)

This is our first portrait taken by dad!

James, 4 days old.

We'll keep you posted about our little brudder.

Stay turn!

Meanwhile please excuse us for not being able to visit our friends' blog as much as we want.

It seems like this human pup needs a lots of attention. :D


A good friend of ours Scottie gave us this special award.
We'd received this award but we are so grateful to receive it again.
Thank you so much, Scottie!!

PS: Our pawrents want to thank all nurses and doctors

at Women's College Hospital who helped to welcome our brudder to this world.

PPS: Dad delivered a slice of cheesecake to mom a day after James' birth

and she enjoyed it on her bed at the hospital. (hehehe) :)

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Warning-You are NOT allowed to enter the pool.
"Who's in there??????"
"That was refreshing! Where is my sissy??" "What?? I wasn't allowed to swim???"
:P (Done anyone really care???)

Thank you Snoop and Rudolf & Goofy for giving us this award!!!!!!

We would love to pass this award onto Pearly, BenBen, and Charlie.

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"The Baby Owner's Manual?!?!?"
Look what we found on the table today.
"Operating instructions and maintenance of the human pup???"
We doggies, our friends kitties and hammies never need this type
of instructions, right???
Look what humans need!! hehehehehe.....


Thank you our lovey Maltese friends Snowy and Crystal in Dubai for giving us this award! This award encourages the chief editor of our blog, our mom! We'll definitely try to update our blog as often as possible from now on! :D

Now we would love to pass this award along to Jan's Funny Farm and Stanislaw and Big Pupi!

Momo & Pinot/J & R