Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today I would like to post this blog award
that I have received by cute puggy friend Clover.
This is really nice. Thank you, Clover!!
I really enjoy stopping by all my friends blogs and I would like to thank
every single doggie, hammi, kittie and their hoomans to visit my blog. :)
I wish I have more time!!!
So this is my turn to spead the luv to some of my friends who are.... GirlGirl, Rossi, Snowball, Pippa, River and Oscar!
You know I am the energy efficient dog?
I love to relax in the sun but i don't require anything special.
If there is a good spot I move a few steps.
I don't miss the sunshine that streams in through the windows.
See how I fit in the sun right?? :)
"Grrrrr, sun is so bright. I can't keep my eyes opened!"
"This is cozy." "I can't hold my head anymore. Hey, this is my mom's long weekend. Where shall we go?"
"Have a great weekend!!"
Momo/J & R

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Asta & Bailey's combined barkday pawty was absolutely
First of all, Air Ruby gave us an excellent service and we all got to the pawty on time.
Thank you, Ruby.
It was great to see all my friends.
We all danced together, ate a lot of yummy food and enjoyed great drinks....
I am sure the pawty thingy for Asta and Bailey will be continued for a while... :)
Meantime my barkday bash came to the end with a very
nice pressie from my dearest friend Amber!!!!
(mom) Momo, your barkday was 2nd!
"Mom, can you open the package?"
Amber, pink is my favorite colour!!!
I got very cute pink kitty and a lovely card!!

Thank you so much, Amber!!!!!! "Mom, I wanna try this Chicken wrap now!"

*Momo's mom here: Sorry for this blurry photo. Momo was jumping all over to get a chicken wrap. :)

The weather has been so mild in Toronto. I cann't believe that 24th was the First Day of Autumn. ************************ A few days ago, we spontaneously decided to drive to The Scarborough Bluffs which only takes 30 minutes by drive from where we live. Our first stop is Cathedral Bluffs Park in a residential area.

My pawrents have been here but never really explored. So we thought we should cross this line and keep walking....

"I can see Lake Ontario. but what are we going to see??"

"OMD!!!! Look at that!!!" We can overlook Bluffers Park Marina! It's hard to tell from this picture but we were VERY high up from the marina.

"What a gorgeous view!!"

We can also overlook the bootiful sand beach! "Mom, let's get down there! I am so up to!"

So we drove to Bluffer's Park. "Can you see the lookout that we took pictures ten minutes ago?"

My dad tried to let me swim! :(
"Dad, forget it!!"
My dad didn't give up and he carried me. (Dad) "Say cheese!!!! Mom is taking your picture!" I thought my mom was gonna come and pick me up but she didn't coz she thgoutht I was having a good time. I thought she might have left us alone. I was panicked. I was going to walk in the water to reach to my mom but the water was much deeper than I thought. Then.... I straggled first but swam at the first time in my life!!!! It came out naturally 10 seconds after my major panic attack in the water! (I had no choice!)
The very nice lady and her Border Collie applauded for me. :)
Please excuse my mom's strange giggle. She was also in panicked coz she knew I HATE being in the water.
"Dad, I made it BUT
I won't love you for a little while! I am so wet." Honestly it was THE scariest experience in my life. I won't do it again! ************ Me, wrapping up cozily in my pawrents' car. "I think have to take a full bath tonight." (Momo's mom here... ) I took this pic while extending my arm... it's bad but this was we've got. :( "No mattet what, I had a good time." :) Momo/J & R

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am so ready for the double barkday party extravaganza
for my new friend, Bailey and Asta tomorrow, 24th! :)
Our friend Oscar will be looking down over us
in his best cowboy outfit! Isn't this sweet? :)
Can anyone share a ride with me?
It's going to be a western theme - old west cowboy style!
I am a girl.... So I'll be a
"Mom, you forgot to cut the price tag!!!"
I'll see you tomorrow every doggie and hammi!!!
It's gonna be fun!
"Yee Haw!"
Momo/J & R

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My secret garden....
no no.. my secret aisle! :)
My dad was busy and wasn't feeling 100% ok tonight
so I was out with my mom only..
This means...
every doggie & hammie, together!!! :)
"A PINK Harness Night!
"Mom, let's go through that aisle,
MY secret aisle!"
This is the aisle I am talking about. :)
I know it doesn't look anything special.. but I like here... ....................
Here's the entrance to ....
The school.
This aisle is a way to school.
Whenever we come by all young hooomans are gone.
so this is a VERY private place.
"Mom... look at that!"
The Sunset in downtown.
You probably notice that we've posted sunset photos.
We never catch the sunrise so we're always amazed by sunset. hehehe...
"Do you think it's time to head back to see dad?"
Momo/J & R

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A trip to Niagara Falls!
My pawrents often talked about a trip to Niagara Falls with me would be nice.
We finally took an action on the weekend!! :)
"See you later, Toronto!
After 90 minutes driving, we'll reach to Niagara Falls region." :)
"I am so excited! This is my first trip!!" "The sky is getting darker and darker.. well, that's all right! We'll have fun!" Our first stop was Brock's Monument. This is where my dad had some trainings when he was in school. It's nice to visit where my dad has a good memory. "Ok, next destination is...." The Falls! Niagara Falls! We thought the busy season is over but there were many hoooman visitors and their doggies. Canadian Horse shoe!
It's a dynamic view and sound. My mom says if it's sunny we would see a huge rainbow... possibley two rainbows over the water. The boat is called Maid of The Mist. We wanted to take it but.. you know why we didn't... :(

"Wow, breathtaking!! I am barkless!!"

This is a horse shoe on American side. It's a lot smaller than the one on Canadian side. The bridge behind the fall is Rainbow Bridge.

"Let's go and have a quick visit to USA!" which costs 50 cent per hoooman. ;) I did'nt need to put the bar down... so it was free.

The view from Rainbow Bridge is pawsome!! Unlike my mom, my dad is afraid of hight so he tried not to close to the edge. hehehehe...

This is the border between Canada and USA.

My paw is about to cross the border.

We crossed the border but decided not to go through the US custom. "Ok... back to Canada!"

The weather was not the best but we had a gweat time! While we drove through the pictureresque Niagara-On-The-Lake, we happened to reach to the right place beside Lake Ontario at the right time to view this bootiful sunset!Hope you had a good weekend! Momo/J & R

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Friday!! TGIF!! :)
I love Friday simply coz my mom is in VERY good mood..
Do we need to explain why?
It's Friday! That's ALL! :).
Meantime my dad tries to stay 'cool' about it coz "it's just Friday!" hehehe..
This is one of my barkday pressies from my pawrents.. a bone shaped cookie cutter!
"Mom, I am still waiting to taste some home made cookies!"
I'd love to share my BIG smile with you! :)
I received a barkday card from Rossi!!!
"I got a card from Princess... what a honor!" :)
The picture he picked on this card is one of my pawrents' favorite
'Momo pup' pictures."
"Rossi... Rossi" :) "Rossi and Rossi's mom! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL HANDMADE CARD!" I am so proud to share this photo with you as well. :) I receive a barkday card from Balboa!! Balboa, a handsome, smart, funny, every doggie & hammi's favorite!!! "Balboa, mommy & daddy, thank you so much for brighten my day!" My pawrents booked a car for a day tomorrow. While our weather stays mild, we want to go for a short trip to Niagara Falls region! :) It's gonna be fun! ******************
It was poring tonight so I wore my new raincoat which is one of my barkday pressis. I really hope that we'll have a sunny day tomorrow! Have a great weekend!!! Momo/J & R