Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dear Asta

My pawrents and I are heartbroken.

Shortly after my angel sissy Momo started this blog in 2006, 
she's met Asta and two kitties Sassy & Momo in the blogger world.

The girls had lots of fun together in the cyber world.  
Asta and my sissy Momo even exchanged an actual Birthday card. (←link)

Many years have gone by, my Momo and kitties have became beautiful angles
over the bridge.


Asta lost her daddy due to Covid19 three months ago.
Very Sadlly, Asta followed him recently.

Asta kindly welcomed puppy me...

The family portrait painted for daddy's barkday by talented Asta's mommy (link Asta's mommy
is still our centre pieces.

RIP sweet Asta.

We miss you...


It's been cold. My bro has not been doing remote learning..
I thought he needed to get some fresh chilly air so I took him out.

Looking after my bro makes me feel good.
Now I am taking a quick nap.

I have many beds but I found being under my mom's chair
is kind-da nice.. :)

Until muffins will be ready very soon.

Stay safe my very dear friends!

Pinot/J & R

PS: Mom went through many old posts and they make her smile... cry...

Monday, January 18, 2021

Hello 2021!

Hello my dear friends and family.

The worst year is over.  The year 2021 will be a better one,

This is what we watched from our window 
on New Years Eve.  All Countdown events were cancelled
some people had backyard fireworks.

After winter break, all in-pawson schools in Toronto have shifted to
remote learning.  
Here's my bro trying to focus on his school assignment while mom trying to keep an eye on him.  

It's so challenging to every single two leggies... 


Let me report what mom made for dinner after the evil pandemic began.

This is our first baking of the year.

Cranberry muffins using left over cranberry sauce from yum Christmas dinner.

This was a hit!  Ricotta cheese dip.

Squid ink pasta with roasted king oyster mushroom.

Veggie dumplings and Cesar salad.

Japanese savoury pancake called 'Okonomi-yaki'. 

Not SO traditional British food.. 

Our favourite..
Broccoli Quiche.

 Butter Garlic Potatoes with Sage Derby cheese sauce.

Mushroom Risotto.  
Simply yum!

Some type of Thai style noodle (mom forgets its name) 😅

Tofu fajitas.

Until the situation will be better..
Stay healthy...

and be happy!! 😚

Pinot/J & R