Monday, April 28, 2008

Me, Pinot = Buster Keaton!?!?!
This is my very first post by myself!! Yay! :D
Do you know Buster Keaton?? He was a very funny guy and
made many many movies when nobody talked in the movies around 800 years ago.
Dad and mom often say I look like him, especially my eyes resemble his eyes!!!
Do I really look like Buster Keaton?!?


Momo and I forgot to mention the other day.

Our sissy Momo-kitty has given us this lovely rose. Thanks, Momo!

Today I would love to pass this onto our fellow Cav friend, Candi and Charlie.

PINOT & momo (still sleeping!)/J & R

Friday, April 25, 2008

What is this box??
A few days ago, mom and dad came back from so called their first big "B" shopping
and they brought in this box and some bags.
(Pinot) I'll sniff and investigate.
Then dad began assembling something.
(Pinot) I am supervising....
"They said this is NOT for us! :( How come?? :(
Does anyone know what it is??

Dog With Blogs - 2nd Year Anniversary Chat Pawty!!

"Happy Anniversay DWB!!"

Our weekend-long "Members Only" chat pawty will start at 9am (EST) on 25th!

Hope to see you there!!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yes, we have moved to our new home! :) :)
We haven't updated our blog for a little while....
This is what we have been doing for past few days.
April 6, 5 days prior to our moving day!
"Cleaning at our new home"
Let dad to clean the kitchen!

The floor looks nice and shiny.

No work progress until the 9th, two days prior to our moving day! When mom got home from work, dad already packed some boxes.

Mom joined him and started packing kitchen stuff first.
Pinot found a safe and quiet spot and took a nap while mom
and dad were carefully packing everything.
They decided to stop packing around midnight.

A day before our moving day.

Mom took a day off this day. :D

I can see some progress in our place.

Then mom and dad left our place for a while....

"Don't they need packing?!? Where are they?"

They went to U-Haul and bought more boxes at the last minutes.
They came home around 6pm.

I, Momo made sure our toys and clothes were packed.

"I think we have more..."

Pinot found his own playground while mom and dad were working withoug

taking a break.

Meantime Momo needed to power up herself.
Pinot still had fun by himself.
"Whoaaaaaaaaa!! Here is slippery!" Tada~~! Mom and dad finished packing most of our stuff at 2am!!!!! Then they had some delivery Thai food and went to bed around 3pm! The moving day!
What a day! It's hard to tell from this picture but it was pouring and chilly.
Even the mover called us and asked
if we wanted to go ahead for moving. We had no choice so said 'yes!"
"We'll miss the view for sure!"

Mom and dad went to our new home and put some carpet protectors on the floor.

Mom wanted to take a last family shot (again!) at this place. "Hello?!? Why are we here in the bathroom?!?" While the movers were loading our boxes and furniture,
we needed to wait in the bathroom.
(Pinot) "kekeke... I'm gonna lock up sissy."
Dad took a coffee break while the movers were working. "LOOK!!! Our place is empty!!" The mover guys worked really hard. They unloaded everything at our new home and left around 4pm. "The moving is done!" We were so bored all day long. So mom and dad took us to nearby walking trail.
Today was a loooooong day. "Hey, sissy, I think a green monster lives here!"
"What is that?!?"
We think our moving went very smoothly.
Next project is unpacking which might take some time.
Oh yes, our friedge is still empty. Mom and dad make our lunch and dinner but
they haven't cooked anything in our new kitchen.
They've had a lots of delivery & take-out food. :D
Momo & Pinot /J & R

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unpacking, unpacking...and unpacking at new home
& a BIG celebration at The Cat Realm!
Happy Blogoversay, Karl!
While mom and dad were unpacking at our new home, we visited The Cat Realm.
Why? We were invited to celebrate Karl's one year Blogoversary!
Many of our kitty & doggie friends got together for the pawty and
look at our group picture! :)
Please go and check out their blogs - they have posted additional pictures
from this great pawty!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring has finally arrived to Toronto!
OMD, our long winter is over! Don't come back to here for a while!!
It's sunny Sunday morning. We're trying to update our blog together. :)
"Can you feel nice warm fresh air, Pinot?
What a nice Sunday!"
(Pinot) "Sissy, there is a pile of something behind me."
"What's this mountain?!?"
"Mom and dad, did you bring these boxes and pads to pack our stuff??
When are you packing our toys, coats, beds, treats and food?!?"
Mom and dad said that they are very anticipating of moving
but there are so many other things to do...blah blah blah blah..... :D
Meantime we Cav' sissy'n'brudder team will attend
Asta's Surpwise pawty! We'll be picked up by Aire Ruby.
Then we'll stop by
Ruby's barkday pawty!!!
Can anybody join us??? :)
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We'll move shortly!
Dad and mom just picked up the key
We explored our new place at the first time! :)
First we noticed there is a stair case in this place.
"Wheeewww, We had no idea you could have a stair case in a house!"
Our first photo shoot in this place was taken!
(Momo) "Running up and down on the stair case is a very good exercise!
I'll get rid of my winter weight!"
(Mom) "I need this exercise, too!"
"Let's go downstairs, again!"
Then we checked out THE most important place,
A kitchen!!!
We were moving quickly and never stopped sniffing around.
Therefore all the pictures are blurry. :(

" Let's check out this room! How's the view, dad?"

"Dad, we love this new place. We can't wait to move in!"
Momo & Pinot/J & R