Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What do you do for living?

Blogger profile page shows your occupation. Have you ever wondered
what to say?
We've left it blank but really, we're all hard workers, right?
What shall we say what we do for living? :D :D
The supervisor?
The young comedian's pawsonal assistants?

The messenger doggies??

"Hello, what's new around here?"

The advisor?

"We know you're sometime frustrated, brudder!

Your pawrents don't always understand your needs. We still have to train them, ok?

Meantime we're always here for you."


It's best to say we're the great companion?!?

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello to our friends!!!

Hello there!
Another big apology for not being able to visit you for a very very long time.
You know how much we want to know how you're up to and
leave our pawprints but .....
We really have to replace the current Ms. Chief Editor of our blog! Ha! Ha!
We've been good. We've patiently waited to see if she's ready to work.
Meanwhile all we can do is ......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz.
Momo & Pinot/J & R
Since I Momo started 'my' blog four years ago, I've tried not to mention anything
'not so nice' event around us
BUT tonight I can't help.
Today we waited for a very long hours to go for our evening walky.
We were simply excited when we stepped out
the house and we said HELLO loudly to everyone on the street.
It was 9-ish and still bright. We saw pedestrians who smiled to us. :) :)
Then this male human who was walking toward us spit a HBO word to us.
YES, a HBO word.
You hear it on TV but not in your real life, especially from a total stranger.
Mom was so upset....
What would you do if you were in our paws??

Friday, July 09, 2010

Meet The Queen

If you live in UK, what we're about to post may not be so special
hey, we're here in Canada!
The Queen has made a visit here many times (22 times!) but seriously,
how often do we get to see her in pawson in your home town??
Ok, maybe not in pawson but pretty close.... :) :)
The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh (The Prince Phillip) attended the official
departure ceremony at Ontario's Legislative Building of Queen's Park. They wrapped up their 9-day 2010 Royal Tour to Canada at Queen's Park.
Yap, Queen's Park. Very Nice! :) :)
We wanted to join a crowds but it was 34C=93F (feels like 42C).
I Momo suffered from heatstroke at Queens Park a while ago
so our pawrents wanted us to stay home.
Our pawrents's two cameras and a camcorder were ready at the back of the building.
"The Queen!!!"
"Welcome to Toronto, Her Majesty The Queen
and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh of ....."
(We practised this line many many time at home but didn't get a chance
to BOL!)
"See you later at the front lawn!"
Our pawrents found another spot at the front lawn of the

legislature to wait The Queen's appearance.

"Here she comes..... accompanied by Ontario Premiere Dalton McGuinty.
Our mom and dad wondered if she walked toward them....
Everyone's camera and iPhone were ready.
Here they came.....
"Hello Hellooooooooo"
We really should have gone if the weather was not so crazy hot.
Do you konw The Queen's grate great-grandma The Queen Victoria
had a Cavalier named Dash?
Does this doggie resemble both of us?? :) :)

The Queen didn't come to the side where our humans waited but
she was only 10 meters away from them. Woo Phew~!

One very lucky girl in crowds was chosen to
give flowers to The Queen.

BTW, little boys are hardly chosen (or never?) to give flowers to The Queen.
Why Why WHY??
It's always a little girl with a cute dress and hat. :D :D
While our pawrents kept taking photos of The Queen,
Guess what????
Prince Phillip was standing up infront of our mom!!!!

The Royal Couple was greeted by The Governor General Michaelle Jean

and The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

According to the official schedule, The Queen was supposed to see

as many Canadians as possible and she really did.

The walkout lasted for about

a half an hour on such a hot hot day.

"The Queen was here!"
There were not very many dogs at Queen's Park
BUT mom and dad met two Corgie Girls, Sandy (R) and Megan.
Very appropriate!
Later this day, while our mom was still at work,
the couple landed to NYC and made a speech at UN.
What a busy schedule!!
"We didn't get to see you but we hope you enjoyed your stay."

Momo & Pinot/J & R