Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 3rd doggie in the household

? ? ? ? ? 

Our brudder asked his nanny to put our leash on.  

Mom! My spot is taken...


Two BIG smily faces.  Priceless.  :)

Momo & Pinot/J & $

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Momo The Guard Dog

I am on a mission.

Do I have a good reason for that?

The spring breath brings us another yummy smell.

Dad, it might be ready!

Ohhh Yeah~

"Let me try!"

Poor brudder had eye discharge. He doesn't look good in this pic but he was ok.  :) :)

"Daddy, this whole wheat bread is dense and chewy.  Walnuts and honey
on top provide very nice flavour."

(Nooop, he didn't say that.)

"Brudder, give me a bite!"

Adults had to wait to sample unitl the evening.
It was YUMMY!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Smell of Spring!

******** The Smell of Spring! ********

Sniff sniff sniff...... 
"we feel a breath of spring!!"

"It brings all fresh scent...,  baby flowers are about to bloom, 
squirrels  and skunk families come out for left over,
bit of sense of 
food... awwww...."

"Sissy, I spotted my stick!"

"The shape is pawfect!"

"Who says it's too long for me?"

"I am PInot, (the) Boy!
Everything is under my control!"

"I can still play, chew and taste of it!"

"Mom, are you preparing something in the kitchen?"

'Manilow Extravaganza for mom!"

Last weekend, mom left us for the very first time since our brudder was born.
The reason why she visited Detroit and stayed two nights by herself is

Barry Manilow!

We can hear her screams!
Can you?

Mom seated almost centre at Front Row 2.
Paws up for a good job to get a ticket online, mom and dad!

You may remember of our many posts about Mr. Manilow.
Mom has been 'Familow' for past at least 240 years!

Barry sings, mom melts.  bol

She always believes he gives a bit glance from the stage to her!
hahahahaha.... mom, that's what all fans hope for. 

(Mom) "I really think he looked at my camera for a few second!"

(mom) "Barry wanted to make sure if I was taking a good shot!"

Whooo Whooo~, Happy Audience.

"Barry, you will be back!  I'll be back, too!"
That's what mom shouts!

Next day.

Mom walked a little bit in downtown.
This is Greektown.

After killing sometime, she was back to Fox Theatre.

Mom likes this very classic sign.

You know he's not young human  He had a hip surgery a couple of month ago and was forced
to postpone some shows and take a short break.  

He came back as he announced. 

He's so real, very very energetic.  

Barry: Now and Then.

No difference in terms of how he looks
it's just how he dresses.

So mom, is this the only surveyor from Detroit??

****** Guestbook *******

Did your human save the pictures on your guestbook made by

We knew the deadline was approaching 
but our chief-editor mom
was so pre-ocupied by her trip to see Mr. Manilow.

On March 6th, the deadline.  She didn't even try to save the pics from
our guestbook.
Hi everyone! We're hiring new chief-editor of our blog.

We're SO upset!!!
All our friends' 200 something pawprints are GONE!!

We want to say thanks so much for posting your photos and kind comments on our guestbook.
They are all kept in our hearts.

We're sending our big hugs from 
(frm L to R) Our brudder's best friend, Patchy Patch,
our brudder's another best friend,
 Mango The Dog (pressie from Mango)
and us, Team Cavalier.

Momo & Pinot/J & R