Monday, July 30, 2007

Good-by, my dearest friend Oscar.
As most of you have known, our darling friend Oscar has gone
to the rainbowbridge.
It happened so suddenly.
We came by his blog often but regrettably we didn't get a
chance to visit his blog while he was very ill.
We weren't aware that he was so sick and we couldn't pray for him.
We feel so sad and it makes us regret........ badly.
We're still heartbroken to accept our loss.
Oscar, please run free.
It's been so grateful to have met you.
We'll miss you terribly but look forward to meet you
over the rainbowbridge again.
Katy and Martin, please be strong and take a good care of yoursef.
Momo/J & R

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I was tagged by Smudge to post my smiley faces.
This is me, two month old. I was happy to get all these pressies.
To show my happiness to my mom & dad, I tried to smile and winke at the same time. This is how I smile these days. A grown up face!
I would love to tag Cairo and Toto! Please show us your big smiles. :) **************** What makes me smile??? Of course... Fwoooooooood! Yes, we're posting our dinner pictures again! My dad, aka our chef prepared my dinner last night. Ohhhh burgers!!! After making my portions, our chef added some red wine, Worcestershire sauce and herbs to the bowl to make his burgers. (R) Mine! Oh yeah! (L) My dad's!
Sizzling.... "I can't wait!"
(R) My dad's mini burger.
(L) My big dinner. :)
"I can't wait any longer!"
Momo/J & R
ps. We just learnt a very very sad news about Oscar.
This is heartbroken. Oscar, thank you so much for making us smile.
You are in our thoughts.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thank you for nominating me as a Rockin' Dog Blogger, Rossi!!
Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!! :)
I was thrilled when he left a message the other day.
I think this is a cool remark as a dog blogger.
You know what? This sign shows brown & white,
which indicate my body colour. :)
Now I'd love to award it to my great friends,
My hoooomas picked up some beef for me and beef kebabs
for my dad last night.
My dinner was almost ready. I'd better keep eye on my dad...
aaaaaahhhhh Hellooo??!! Heellllloooooow!! "That's mine!" :*
Momo/J & R

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Look at this poster, mom!
The cruise lines to Alaska by Holland America Line!
Your best friend B. is working on the ship to Alaska, right?
I know you miss her company a lot!
Mmmm... the cruise to Alaska sounds fantastic!
While I was dreaming about taking a cruise liner, my mom and dad decided to cruise around town.... by my dad's car! My mom cannot drive his car 'coz she is not good on handling the stick! (da!) It means I have to be on her lap. :) This is my mom's favorite shot. We took a break at Cherry Beach. This is one of the beaches along Lake Ontario.
It was a peaceful moment. :)
It was already 6pm but the sun was still high.
I was watching the sailing boats and swimming doggies with my mom.
It was a very relaxing way to spend the weekend.
Hope every doggie and hammi had a good one! :) Momo/ J & R

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My first ferry ride to Centre Island (Toronto Island)!
My mom and dad often told me that visiting the island is fun.
We can BBQ or go for picnic, play tennis, go for a bike ride, swim so on and on....
I had wondered if they would get a chance to take me there for a while.
Well finally my fun day had come! :) Standing on the deck is not bad.
There were probably 7, 8 more doggies on the deck.
Being on the ferry was quite enjoyable!
I smelled water and viewed many birds and people kayaked.
Viewing downtown was nice as well! I was able to see SkyDome
(opps now it's called Rogers Centre)
and CN Tower that I used to view from my balcony.
After 8 minutes short ride, we reached to the island! Can you see my biycle buggy? Let's go for a bike ride! Just in case your pawrens wonder... I was attached to the safety harness comfortably in the buggy so I was safe. :) I was very excited and barked a lot. Because I barked, lots of people
(not a doggie!) barked back to me! My bike ride was continued....... Watch the video my mom shot!! :)
Momo/J & R

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My first Award! Yay! :)
A lovely Snowball has awarded me Rockn' Girl Blogger!
Thank you, thank you...
Thank you!!! :)
It's raining today. I am bored. :(
This morning my mom asked me and my dad, 'who chew my magazine?
I just bought it last night. It's sticky!''
Are you asking ME, mom? Yes, I was me. You often say I am no longer puppy but I heard the dogs under 2 years old are technically called puppies! So I am still a pup! It should be forgivable. It's one of the puppy things. Right??? Momo/J & R HELP! Is anyone having a problem to post a video? My mom copied html code on Google video and VideoEgg and pasted it on "edit Html" as usual but seemed like Blogger didn't want to display the video. While making some changes on a post, html somehow screwed. She knows Bloggr is very temperamental but it's been hectic for a week. :(

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Rollerblade Night with dad!
My dad hasn't roller bladed since he met my mom.
He's always wanted to try it out with ME ;) so here it goes....
Dad, let's try one more time!

Meantime, my mom wanted to give it a try for the first time... she even couldn't stand up. Oh well....

My mom made a new banner after our fun evening.

She wasn't quite happy with her new design but she decided to leave it for now. Momo/J & R

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have been tagged by Fei! I am going to talk about my family this time. :)
It was interesting to read others' posts so it's my turn!
This is the very first family photo with my pup paw print.
The photo is kinda small but can you see it??
Wow, I was small... (check out my baby album!)
( I am really big!)

*********My dad's story********** My dad was born and raised not too far from Toronto. His first dog was a rough collie named Muffin. Muffin was very smart and quickly learnt 50 tricks. (It's impossible!!) When he was about 15, his parents decided to move back to UK where they originally came from. After many years in UK, my dad moved back to Canada by himself.

These are the things that my dad enjoys....He's been always good in sport. He played soccer in youth league, he cycled in Spain, France and Morocco. He's also a good runner like myself! ;) He works as e-commerce manager. *********My mom's story************ My mom was born in Tokyo. When she was four, her parents got her a very first dog, a Doberman, Peru. Peru rescued a poor abandoned puppy on the street. This pup,Taro was extremely royal to the family until his last moment. My mom had always wanted to explore the world since she was a little girl. After school, she was offered a job in Europe but she eventually turned it down and decided to fly into Toronto by herself. She currently works for the provincial government.

Let's me see the things she enjoys. I can see she really loves to eat (and I do,too!)
She's been always into classic movies. She said because it's a beautiful world!
:) Can you tell that my mom and dad are very compatible?
They enjoy cycling and playing tennis together and share the passion for good food
(It simply menas spicy & garlicky food). Yum!
*******Their story**********
About 3 years ago, my mom and dad met online. (hehehe, welcome to the cyberworld!)
They had a good feeling about each other but they didn't jump to 'let's chat over coffee' thing until much much later. As a matter of fact, they were busy at the time and almost skipped the chance to meet!!(If they didn't go for it, I wouldn't be here NOW!!) Since the moment they met in real life, their lives have completely changed.
They say the thing they enjoy the most is of course....

Momo/J & R

So I am supposed to tag someone else...

I shall tag my new friends Chloe, Ricky and Lucy , Marvin and Pacco!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!
Today is Canada's 140th birthday. It means it's a national holiday,
it also means my mom and dad spend alot of time with ME! :)
Anyways... last night night, my dad picked up this magazine for my mom at the cashier.
She was very pleased. Mom, who is this young handsome man?!?
Was he just appeared on Concert for Diana?

This is what my dad picked up for ME! Just for ME!! :)

My mom and dad are vegetarians except thanksgiving and Christmas. (hehehe...)

So my dad picked these yummy pieces up just for ME!! Dad... something smells sooooooooo GOOOOOOD. ohhhhhhhhh.... beef!! Are you grilling those pieces?? I can't wait to try them ALL!!! A!! Well done, please! :) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Can you serve that plate for me NOW?? Momo/J & R ***************************** Thank you Fei and Eve for your encouragement and congratulations for reaching the goal! I am sure your action has inspired many doggies and hooooomans on DWB and many others who have come by your blog. My mom and dad always wanted to contribute for those who have been suffered and who are not able to communicate in human languages. They have signed up for monthly contribution program for OSPCA.