Monday, July 30, 2007

Good-by, my dearest friend Oscar.
As most of you have known, our darling friend Oscar has gone
to the rainbowbridge.
It happened so suddenly.
We came by his blog often but regrettably we didn't get a
chance to visit his blog while he was very ill.
We weren't aware that he was so sick and we couldn't pray for him.
We feel so sad and it makes us regret........ badly.
We're still heartbroken to accept our loss.
Oscar, please run free.
It's been so grateful to have met you.
We'll miss you terribly but look forward to meet you
over the rainbowbridge again.
Katy and Martin, please be strong and take a good care of yoursef.
Momo/J & R


Girl Girl Hamster said...

So sad that sweet oscar is gone. :(

~ girl girl

Kay & Pearly said...

I am shock that it happen, Oscar is too young to go so soon, I wish I could really get to know him and his wonderful family.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Momo.
We all are so sad about Oscar. He was a great friend for we all. We will miss him so much.
Take care

Pacco de Mongrel said...

yea...v miss oscar so much....

Ben_Benjamin said...

Momo, I also missed out Oscar blog last week & then I got this sudden news. I was so upset at myself too but then I received all the lovely message from our DWB friends, they calm & cheer me up. So Momo, dont be sad. This is what we call life....theres always up & down. But remember, its not goodbye yet. We still can meet with Oscar....
Cheer baby.

*Sasha* said...

Oh my,
This is so sudden. I have not online for quite sometime coz very busy lately. And suddenly this sad and sorry about that.

ToFFee said...

We miss oscar too..

he's such a wonderful friend to all of us..


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

You must not have any regrets, Oscar knew that you loved him very much I am sure.

It is such a shame isn't it? We will miss wee Oscar so very much. I am sure Katy and Martin are feeling all our kind and loving wishes to them on their sad and tragic loss.

love and sad licks, Marvinxxxxx

Much love to you Momo and your family from Jeannie xxxxxxxx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Thank you for a sweet tribute, please don't feel bad. Oscar got sick so fast that there was little time to pray or do anything.

We have updated his blog today with some plans for remembering him.

Katy & Martin xxx