Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!
Today is Canada's 140th birthday. It means it's a national holiday,
it also means my mom and dad spend alot of time with ME! :)
Anyways... last night night, my dad picked up this magazine for my mom at the cashier.
She was very pleased. Mom, who is this young handsome man?!?
Was he just appeared on Concert for Diana?

This is what my dad picked up for ME! Just for ME!! :)

My mom and dad are vegetarians except thanksgiving and Christmas. (hehehe...)

So my dad picked these yummy pieces up just for ME!! Dad... something smells sooooooooo GOOOOOOD. ohhhhhhhhh.... beef!! Are you grilling those pieces?? I can't wait to try them ALL!!! A!! Well done, please! :) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Can you serve that plate for me NOW?? Momo/J & R ***************************** Thank you Fei and Eve for your encouragement and congratulations for reaching the goal! I am sure your action has inspired many doggies and hooooomans on DWB and many others who have come by your blog. My mom and dad always wanted to contribute for those who have been suffered and who are not able to communicate in human languages. They have signed up for monthly contribution program for OSPCA.


e said...

We have our pride parade and festival in August here in Tokyo. Can't wait!

Thanks for taking part in our pledge.

I will write about yours soon.
you've been tagged. See our blog!


ToFFee said...

hey momo!

happy canada day!

gweat that your pawents have extra time for you!

well lookie at that tasty beef!

your dad and mine will get laong well. he's the chef also!

Toffee (drooling..)

Simba said...

Mummy loves your kitchen.

Simba x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Happy Canada Day. You sure have lots of yummy treats to eat

~ girl girl

Boo said...


happy canada day! i hope you have fun with your hooman. oh, you tempt us with the grilled meat. :(

wet wet licks


Lorenza said...

Hi, Momo.
Happy Canada Day. I hope you enjoy it with your mom and dad.
I need to talk with my mom about meat! Yours look delicious!
Have a nice day

Ricky Pepper said...

Momo you are so cute! That beef looked delish too!


PerfectTosca said...

I love that grilled stuff! They put it all on a big platter and then you just jump up and put your paw on it. Everything on top automatically becomes yours.

Ricky Pepper said...

course you can link us momo! we'd just love that.



Balboa said...

Man, I am soooo hungry after reading your post. Now I have to go and beg my mommy for MORE food.

I hope you get lots!

Frenchie Snorts

Byron said...

I just wanted to say hallo too....

miki said...

Happy Canada Day!

Parade, grilled party...sounds fun! Toronto looks a lot more summery than Tokyo, now.

Have a nice summer to Mom & Dad !
Have a nice meat to Momo!


Goofy said...

Momo, Happy Canada Day!!!! Mom said she love your kitchen... But I think I love those on the grill pan more..

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi there Momo! Lovely to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my Scottish Blog place last night!

I have put a link to your blog on mine if that's ok!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh and Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

Verdi el perro said...

ei... momo
how are your???
I warn you that from today our blogs also write in English too, this way me you understand.
A big hug.

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Momo,

Happy belated Canada Day! Judah is feeling much better.

xxx Asta down under