Monday, October 10, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello friends!
I wonder where September went...

Hope you're all doing well!

My bro is now Grade 9 and starts high school life.
He's busy training for the up-coming Cross Country Race season.

I went to cheer for his run early this month.  

I turned 6 month old on October 7! 

Everyone thinks I am growing really fast!
I eat well and excise on regular basis.

I wight 3.4kg when I was adopted and now it's double.

I am a back sleeper which makes my hoomans laugh.   BOL


This weekend is our long weekend!
Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends! 

Our long time friend may know that my dad
usually cooks yummy Thanksgiving dinner
BUTT he's having a back pain.

So mom was in charge for our dinner last night.
(Well... she cooks everyday anyways.... 😆)

Our main meal, Stuffing without a birdy!

There are two more bowls of stuffing.  hahaha...

Baked Salmon in foil. 

She also prepared mushroom and tomato risotto,
steamed veggies and Potato Dauphinoise.  

Mom's plate. 

I also got my own stuffing.  :)

Mini size!!

This is my morning walkies on Thanksgiving Monday. 

Have a great week, everyone!

Juno/J & R

Friday, August 26, 2022

Happy Inter-National Doggie Day!

 W is for WOOF!

Taken at W Hotel Toronto a month ago.

Happy Inter-Natonal Doggie Day to Angel Momo and Pinot,

and all other furry friends!!

Juno/J & R

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Happy Barkday Bro!

Hello friends!

I hope you're having a great summer to feel sun, especially for whose on the Northern Hemisphere!   

My bro signed up to run for Sunset Shuffle 6K at Toronto Centre Island. 

Me as his baby bro, I decided to support him as much as I can.   

Me at the start line. 

Me as a puppy, I always find a pawfect temporary toy.

Here's my bro who is one of the youngest of the top finishers.   
He had a really good run.

Congrats bro!
Keep doing what you enjoy!

When we realized, the line up for the 9pm ferry back to the city was 

and we couldn't get in. 

Next ferry would depart in an hour at 10PM and we were all exhausted. 

We decided to take a water taxi.

My bro and I had a blast!  Look at the view!

I took a subway and street car for the first time.
I was the tiniest passenger.  BOL


August 13 is my bro's barkday.

Happy 14 year old Barkday Bro James!

Just like my older sibs, Angel Momo and Pinot, I got a tiny share of 
Doggie Friendly Barkday cake.

My pawrents say my bro has become a fine young human.

This is one of things my bro was begging for on his barkday.

Whey Protein Pawder!

We had a very nice barkday weekend.

See you next time!

Juno/J & R

Monday, August 01, 2022

Busy Weekend

 Hello friends!
If you're in Canada, I hope you're having a great long weekend!

Our busy weekend began with my vet visit in the morning.  
I didn't cry while having last 3 puppy vaccines.
From now, I am safe to socialize with many many furry friends.

Yay!  No more needles for a while!  

After that, we drove about 3 hours to visit London,

Quality check on the stick.

My bro participated Ontario U14, 16 & 18 Outdoor Athletics Championships
which took place at Western University Alumni Field.

Air is definitely better than Toronto.

He ran 1200m race on Saturday.
He tried hard and got his pawsonal best!  Paws up! 🐾

Bro was happy to reach to his goal.

This is my first overnight stay at the hotel.
I was a very good boy!

It was a pet friendly hotel and I had a lot to sniff around. 

Bro ran 800m race on Sunday and he broke his pawsonal best again!

It was a very hot and sticky day.  I comfortably stayed in the shade and
watched the race.

Bro said 'This is it!'.  
The track and field season is over and
he will start training for cross country season in fall.

Great work, bro!

See you next time!

Juno/J & R

Monday, July 25, 2022

Ontario Summer Games 2022

 Hello friends!  I hope you're all doing well. 

The past weekend, I had my very first all day outing with my family.

Ontario Summer Games 2022 took place in the city of Mississauga
which is 40km away from Toronto. 

This is the largest multi-sport event in the province of Ontario.
Over 3000 athletes from age 12-15 took part in 17 sports.
Bro participated in Athletics.

Opening Ceremony

I went to cheer for my bro when he competed 800m race. 

It was a very hot day.  We tried not to dehydrate.

Wait time was long. I found an entertainment kit - the BIG stick!

This is U16 Boys 800m race.
My bro is still 13 year old but he's in the group of Under 16.

Go Go Go Bro!!!

We chilled out together in the shade.

Bro got his PB (Pawsonal Best)!
He said my presence on site helped him to go for it.  
I think we're the best bro team! 

Back to Toronto, I am back to my daily routine.

Walkies are alway fun!

See you next time! Take care!

Juno/J & R

Monday, July 11, 2022

Hello, I am Juno.

Hello there! Thank you for coming by my blog.

I am Juno.

I was adopted by new family three weeks ago.
They said they felt like I was sent by Angel Momo and Pinot 
when they saw me for the first time. ☺

This was our first Meet & Greet with my mama, papa and two sissies
I hope my little sissies are doing well.

Tri-colour is my mama Sunshine and Blenhelm is my papa Logan.

My last family photo.

My new bro and I will be a good team! 🐾🐾

We took our first selfie by Lake Simoe before heading home.

I was settled in a new environment quiet well since The Day 1. 
My mama & papa scented stuffies and blankie made me feel good. 
I never cried at night and been eating well. 
Great start for a 10 week old pup!

I like this old bed which was used by Angel Momo and Pinot for million years.  

My first outing with my mom.
I was also told that this was belong to puppy Momo.

Now it's time to walk by myself.  bol

I had to investigate this suspicious package. It turned out this was actually 
my kibbles.


I'd love to share my adventures with you!
Please come back again.

Juno/ J & R