Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Pawlo-ween!

Dad carved Mr. Pumpkin today!

Which bandana do you like the best?
My pick is this one.

After the photo shoot, we went treat or treating with brudder!
He was so excited and really enjoyed collecting all the goodies (for humans)
that mom has never given to him.  hehehe.....

Mr. Pumpkin looks a bit different now.
Still he has a nice smily face.

Hope you had a good one, too!!

Momo & Pinot/M & R


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Vote for Momo & Pinot!

Fido Casting Call!

The Canadian wireless service provider Fido is looking for a next canine star for their ad...

and we're in the Casting Call!

Please click the photo below and vote for us.

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We're allowed one vote every day until November 17, 2011!

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Fido is donating $1 for every Fido Casting Call vote to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

Thank you for your time in advance!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Long Weekend!!

Tomorrow, 10th is Thanksgiving here in Canada.

Daddy will prepare yummy yummy turkey dinner tonight.
Until everything is ready, we'll cuddle up and take a break.  :) :)

Can you believe that it's 26C (78F) this weekend?
We're having a summer weather in autumn!

Hope all of you have a good weekend!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, October 01, 2011

When two boys get together......

"Get down, get down, please!!"  

"Did we hear anything, bro??"


"Did we make it??" 

"OH........ yeah!!"

Pinot/J & R

PS:  I Momo is a good girl as always.  :)