Sunday, April 09, 2023

Forget about March! April update! :)

Hello my friends!
March was disappeared so quickly while I was taking a nap!

Yes, I still love sleeping on my back.

Me... a puppy observing lots of stuff.

One day, mom intruded me a new friend!

Nice to meet you Piggy!

We had a crazy weather in mid-March.
Blizzard hit Toronto for an hour then blue sky was appeared. 

Can you see snow?

Mom told me Piggy needs an emergency surgery.
I wonder what happened to her!

Oh, BIG news!
I had my very first grooming!

With my super proud bro!

hehehe.... Pros are good!

Unfortunately, Ms.C (not the lady in the video) who groomed 
my sibs Angel Momo and Pinot for many years will be relocating.

This was my first appointment with Ms. C on her last day! 

I feel great!  Thank you Ms. C!!

Spring Sprint 5K Run at Toronto's Beaches Area is finally back 
for the 1st time in three years.

Let's go! 

I cheered for my bro and his teammates!

My Before-Bed-Time Walkies with mom 
as usual.

Grrr....Nordstrom in Canada will be closed said mom. 

Daddy, you are missing lots of fun time.

Can you see my new bandana?? :)

Mom and I enjoyed long walkies on this chilly beautiful afternoon.

In a neighbourhood as usual.

This is ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) where my bro 
used to attend 'Kids Summer Camps for may years.

Quick Sunbathing! 

Feels good!

After walkies, we had a little celebration with my big bro.

I couldn't help licking the cake before it was served.

Here's the special guest, Piggy
Oh Hello! 

See you soon (hopefully soon) my friends!