Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here we're again...

"Our pawrents hardly drive to North of Toronto... Where are we going?"
"Here we are.... again!"
Yes, we'll be staying at the hotel while our humans will be travelling.
We had lots of fun in this place back in February.
"Everything looks the same and we are glad to find some familiar faces." :) :)
"Mom and dad, we know you will be worried but no worries! We're in good hands. Oh... we noticed you forget to request our ice cream. Don't forget to call the hotel tomorrow and remind them our request, ok?" :) :)

While we're here we might sneak into the staff room to borrow their computer but most likely we won't be able to visit your blog very often. We hope everyone is happy and doing well.

We're looking forward to coming by your blog after our humans get back.


Momo & Pinot

Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy (belated) Halloween!!

Hope everyone had a good fun Halloween!
Last year, our brudder was a pumpkin boy (click here) but looks like we had
a Dalmatian brudder this year.
A night before Halloween, we weren't sure which costume we would love to wear
so we tried these two hats on. We were on our usual cat walk in the kitchen. :P
(Momo) "Mom, Wasn't I a pink witch hat two years ago? I am wearing my necklace but
I don't think it's visible"
(Pinot) "I am Pirate Pinot!"
Then mom wanted me to try this cow thingy on.
(Momo) "Ahhh.. That was mine. I think this has been shrunken!
So it's yours, Pinot!"
To be honest, the cow thingy wasn't working so I had my cool hat on again... And.......... a cow hat was back. Mom's huge problem is she is so indecisive! "Make up your mind and let us know..." We all agreed that the bandana would be the best choice. (Pinot) "Mine is a brand new bandanna! :) I know mom always feel guilty what she's never spoiled me since our human pup was born so she's trying hard to make it up lately. hehehe
Before we stepped out, we took a brudders'n'sissy shot.
"Can you see our new kitty friend?"
Then we wanted to make sure if the weather was going to treat us well.
Shall we say meaw or woof??
We decided to stop by our usual park to check out how leaves changing colours.
Then our brudder started running around....
"Woooof Wooooooooooooof!!"
We all wanted to catch him.
Geeee... this energetic pup was out of control. He was running around all the time.
"Catch me if you can!!"
Where is Momo, Pinot, James and mom?
(Pls enlarge the photo.)
After lots of chasing, it was the time to do 'trick and treat'.
Last Halloween, our pup aka a pumpkin boy was a little too young (click here)
so we thought we could do a lot more together this year.
A close up of our new friend Ms Kitty.
We had an important task to guide our brudder's stroller.
"Dad, there is something out there!"
"Phew! I am glad this is not a scary thing!"
It was nice to see many Halloween decorations.
Our pup's big moment had come. This was his very first Trick'n'Treat!!!
We actually stop by this house last Halloween and they kindly gave him lots of candies
but of course 'someone' ate all candies.
"Hello!! Don't forget to put more doggie friendly candies, sir!" As a matter of fact, this gentleman was very nice. He said he has two doggie kids. :)
After a long walky, we were back to the park.
A few minutes after that, we noticed our brudder needed to take a rest.
Back home, we found a huge pumpkin which was picked by our brudder
at the pumpkin patch.
Less than ten minutes later, our Jack o'lantern
was ready.
We named him BOO!!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R