Saturday, November 22, 2008

Important News.
Our close kitty friend just told us that one of our sissies Momo-the kitty is ill.
Please take a moment to visit Momo's blog and send her your good wishes.
(Graphic by our close kitty friend. :) )
Our paws are crossed for you. Please get better soon, Momo!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cheese Fondue Night!
Winter has arrived to Toronto. Mom and dad thought
Cheese fond was a pawfect for one cold & windy evening.

After they had enough cheese for the night, it was our turn....

First Pinot digged in....

Then Momo ......... I guess I can't beat her big head.... :P
Pinot was still eating.. well... cleaning up the plate.
Look at my job!! The place is nice'n'shinny!! No need to put the place in the dish washer!
Thank you Charlie for passing this award on to us...
Halloween was fun and this award will keep us remind of our fun night. :)
***** Pressies from Toffee and Riley *****
Mom hasn't got a chance to help us posting these pictures for a while.
Last month, we received a package from our good friends Toffee and Riley in Boston!!!
When UPS guy said it was a package for Momo and Pinot at the door,
mom told him that me, Pinot was in her arm and I was able to sigh on his devise
but the guy didn't listen to her at all!!
I guess these devises can't scan our paw prints....
What an old technology!! Ha!
We are very happy to find nice treats, toys and something for our human brudder
in the box!!
James tried this pressi on and it fits him well!!
Thank you so much, Toffee, Riley and mom & dad!!
This package was very very thoughtful.
We also loved the card! (Mom forgot to take a photo but you can actually
find it behind us on the first photo on this post.)
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good by, our friend GirlGirl.
Today is a very sad day. Our little hammi friend GirlGirl
crossed over the bridge to join her sib Fufu.
Please take a moment to visit her blog here to say good by.
(Graphic by Opus)
Momo & Pinot

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Weekend!!!!
On past Friday evening, I saw our dad was working hard in the kitchen...
and... this was one of the three pumpkins we found on the counter. He made the record! He carved three pumpkins within 20 minutes! He said these three pumpkins represent three 'kids' in this house. :) "That is a nice thought, thanks dad!" Back in James' room, I Momo found this orange beret so I had to try it on. "Do I look like an artist?" Mom said this hat is part of James' first Halloween costume. After putting the hat back on James, we all got together for the first brudder'n'sissy Halloween portrait.
Looks like one of the pumpkins was nicely stored in the stroller. hehehe...
Three humans took off to see the kids doing trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood
without us, the doggie team. (da!)
Mom said it was fun to find good decorations.
Let us show you Momo, Pinot and James o' lantern on the front porch. :)
Later this evening, the human team picked us up and did evening walky to the park.
It was not a long enough!!
When we came home, we found these lanterns were moved to our balcony!!
How creepy is that!!
Next day, mom and dad felt bad about our very short walky
so we all went to Momo's favorite park.
Can you see my smile?
It was a bit chilly afternoon but we got good fresh air.
Pinot observed evil squirrels at this park.
We were back to our neighbourhood.
We hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend!
Momo & Pinot/J & R