Monday, December 26, 2022

Happy Holidays!

Hello my dear friends!!  Hope everyone is doing well.
Thank you for those who are reading my rarely updated bloggy today.

Time flies by so quickly.  
My very first Halloween kicked in and all I was able to do was wearing a bandana!

Because I chew everything!!   
Maybe costume next year??

Mom says I am growing up very quickly. I put my Angel Momo and Pinot's sweater on and
it fit well.

One day, a package arrived!

It was a full body suit which mom always wanted!

Test run and it works!

My hair is growing and mom asked me to put a snood on during meal.

Meanwhile, mom's favourite winter arrived to Toronto.

Let's try my suit on messy sidewalks.


I wonder why a big tree was appeared in our place.


I learnt it's a Christmas Tree!

I saw a flying Santa during my walkies.

Can you spot him??

Then I met a real Santa!  
Mom made a collage with Angel Momo and Pinot's first Santa photos.

Geeez....  my pawrents were youger!  BOL

Anyways... more time passed by and here's my first Christmas. 

What can I expect??

Oh, there are presents from Santapaws!!

Dig in!

Awww Nice!

I got tons of goodies!

Santapaws left a Dog Treat Maker to my bro.  


Santapaws brought a lot of goodies for humans, too!

Mom often mentions "Quality Street" was always on the table 
during the Holidays while growing up in Tokyo.  

I suppose Santapaws knows. 

Me, patiently waiting Our Chef Daddy's dinner.

Christmas Dinner.

(Top) Steamed Brussel Sprouts, our FAV Stuffing and sauté Cremine mushroom. 
(Middle) Cauliflower and Brocoli with Cheese sauce and braised Salmon
(Botton) Homemade Cranberry Sauce, Crispy Mini Potatoes and steamed Parsnips, Squash and Snowpeas.


I got my own bowl of stuffing.

Our first family Christmas photo.

Mom and I were so stuffed!  This is our evening walkies at 10.

Nite and Nite!

Juno, J & R