Sunday, November 20, 2011

We're still around!

Hello there!!!  We're back from the longest absence! We've missed you.

Lots of thingy have been going on these days.

One evening, mom and dad took us to this place.

What is all about, mom and dad???
In our house on the following morning, this is what we found.

What is going on?!?

Apparently, mom and dad were packing all these boxes until 3:30 in the morning
while we were snoring dreaming of having goodies.

They said this is farewell CHEEEEESE!"

Sorry bro, you're not in this photo. You were having fun at daycare.

Many hours later.........

 A few more hours later.......

Hey, I found my temporary shelter. 

"Mommy, I found my new cart!"

Stay tuned for our new adventure...  :) :)

********* Trick'O'Treat! *******

This is WAY overdue... but we thought it would be nice to share some photos from
our Pawlloween Night. 

Our brudder gets older.  This year, he had a very good idea what to do then what he gets.

We're ready, mom!

Ohhh.... spoooooky!  

This was our first stop.  Our brudder walked through the graveyard and 
knocked the door by himself. 

We chicken Cavaliers and adult humans waited on the sidewalk.

Let's check out this place, daddy!!
After daddy emptied his bag, he was still very up to.

That's my next stop!
Our mission is not accomplished yet!
 We really had a good time!  We got to sniff around while seeing many exciting kids in funny costumes.

OMD, our brudder has grown so much.

Look at his first Pawlloween when he was a few month old in 2008.

Baby Pumpkin is here!

This was a day after Halloween.  Baby Pumpkin was stored carefully
in the bassinet.

"Let's go for a walk!"
 Halloween 2009!

Woof, woof woooooooof!!!

This 'doggie' ran everywhere in the park.

This was taken just before heading to trick or treating.

 ****** Halloween 2010 *****

He was supposed to be Mickey Mouse at daycare Halloween pawty
BUT he refused to put the costume on at the last minutes !  

This is a VERY bad photoshop!!!

All humans were busy from one trip to another around Halloween
and we couldn't make it to the trick'o'treat.

Instead, we took our sibing portrait right after humans came back from Hawaii
a few days before Halloween.  


 ********* Casting Call!! ********

Last but not least, we wanted to say thank you for your vote!!
Contest closed on the 17th.

At the end, we were around No. 2000th out of 26,000 entries.  We're happy that we made a huge progress from No. 14,000 as start.  :)  :)

Now we wonder who won the contest and become the next star of Fido ad.

Momo & Pinot/J & R