Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

October 12 was our Thanksgiving Day! This Thanksgiving, our chef decided to BBQ our turkey in the Big Green Egg. He coated turkey with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, then applied black pepper, Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano.
"Let me know when our birdy is done!"
This is one of our 'must have dish'es on Thanksgiving. The Ultimate Cauliflowers and Broccoli Cheese casserole. He graded Parmesan Reggiano Cheese and placed it with chunk of Gorgonzola bits on top.
I Momo was a daddy's big helper. I cleaned the mess on the plate after he grated cheese. Yes, no dishwasher needed in this kitchen.
Mr. Birdy on the grill. "Getting there!
We wanted our human pup to participate this Thanksgiving so it was his turn to be at the chef's table. (sort of...)
"Is that my dinner??"
One of our mom's favourite, Roasted potato with lots of LOTS of garlic, sliced onion and herbs.
Seems like our dad got this little helper.
He prepared some healthy choice, too. We were interested in these teeny tiny squash. Very cute!
Mr. Birdy's arrival to our kitchen. "WELCOME!!"
"Let me get out from here!!"
"Ahhhh... HELLO~ "
One more shot! :D
Dad sliced our main dinner. "Keep a big slice for me, please!
Our turkey dinner was done. Why no Pinot around here?? When I (Pinot) saw a big frame coming our from our Green Big Egg a while ago, I got very scared. Since them, i have to be a way from the kitchen whenever dad fires up the BBQ. "So can I have two bowls?"
OK.. I only got one bowl as usual.
"Dinner is ready!"
Happy mom posed to the camera.
Mom also prepared our pup's first Thanksgiving Dinner plate.
Mom wanted to make desert BUT dad suggested not to. BOL So they bought this pumpkin cheese cake.
"Are you saying that is our share? Where does the rest go??"
We were trilled to share Thanksgiving dinner with our pup but... guess what? He wasn't into turkey at all!!! hahahahaha.... (Mom is here... :) Even if I am a lacto vegetarian, I have given James some meat but it's been always hidden under sauce or veggies so this was his first time to see actual meat pieces. I wonder if this is why he wasn't into turkey meat?!?) "NO Way, Mom!!"
Thank you very much dad for wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!!! ***** RIP Momo the hammy ****** We've just noticed that our friend, Shushu and Kero's beloved sister Momo went across the bridge on August 4th. (Photo: courtesy of Shushu's blog.)
Momo, we hope you keep smiling just like you do on this photo and enjoy running in the wheel. Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A package from Texas!!!
Our human pup shouted 'Ahhhh Daaaaa.....!' (translation: Loooooooooook!)
while he was delivering a huge package in his walker to us.
Yes, M we mentioned on our past post is a very good friend of us Mango!!!!!
Our brudder gave us a teeny tiny help to open this huge package.
Shortly after our exciting pressy opening night, he was all of a sudden so tired
and needed to go to bed. :P :P
OMD!!! We were so touched... Each pressi means a lot to us. (The black shadow on right side is me, Pinot... hahaha.. I was so excited and had no moment to stay still to pose the camera.) First... we LOVE this treats!!! So yummy! We kept begging our mom to give us more treat. And... we almost cried when we saw this photo in this cute frame. Thank you very very much, Mango, Ximui, Chubs and mom!!! I (Momo) am a serious thinker and I (Pinot) am a happy happy 'we think about it later Yay!' doggie... This is how we bark THANK YOU to Mango and his family. We forgot to mention eaerlier. We admire this Mr. Blue Doggie!!!
Yes, sir, we'll kiss you forever!!!
Next day, feeling so refresh
our pup wanted to try his new outfit on.
He also needed to give a BIG hug to his new buddy!
Then he tried his new Halloween shoes.. still holding his new buddy.
"Size is pawfect...opps perfect. I am learning doggie language.
How did Mango know my shoe size??
Even our pawrents don't know..."
We had a chit chat about coming Halloween.
Mango and family, thank you so much again for making us smile. :) :) :)
We keep smiling whenever we see your pressie.
BTW... (Momo)
Sorry for my absence from these photos. I am simply not a morning doggie.
Ahhhh... We can't wait Halloween !!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!
Coming Monday, October 12th is our Thanksgiving Day here in Canada which means
we'll have big turkey dinner!!
This Thanksgiving will be a special one coz our human pup
will be at the table with us and we'll share lots of lots of food! :) :)
We Googled a bit and learnt that Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been a holiday
on the second Monday of October since 1957. A lot earlier than our friends' celebration in US.
Our pawrents brought some autumn decoration today.
The autumn wreath looks good and we're sure it will be replaced by a
red and green thingy after Halloween!
Momo & Pinot/J & R
ps: We've received a great package from our friend in Texas.
We don't reveal who she/he is today but the pic of our exciting day will be posted soon!
(Thank you, thank you, thank you, M!!)