Monday, September 29, 2008

A package from Gooberstan!!
Dad picked up something that we absolutely didn't expect the other morning.
It was a package from Gooberstan!!!

I, Pinot was excited when I saw two cool bandanas in the package.

Mom had promised us to get some bandanas but she NEVER did! What is her problem??

Then I couldn't help chewing my new buddy, this squeaky chicken!!

We greeted to this cute elephant but it was a pressie for our baby brudder. :) This chicken makes funny noise..

What we were happy to find was these two clothes for James.
Stanley and Stella's girl tie-dyed!!
Aren't they cute???
Mom wanted to put it on James and take a picture but
geeeee...human pup sleeps a lot! She hasn't taken any good pictures but
once she takes it, we'll post it here.
Thank you so much Stanley, Stella and their girl!!!!!
Pinot was still playing with his new friend so he's not in this photo. :P

We want to send our big hugs to Karl for posting this lovely cared on my barkday card

on his blog-The Cat Realm! Thank you!


We're honoured to receive this Proximidade Award from Mango!

Thank you so much Mango!!

********** Sex and The City DVD the Movie Pink Carpet Event *********

Yes, mom and dad left us! They took our brudder and stopped by HMV to get

DVD on the released date. They caught the Pink Carpet Event and had a

chance to take a shot with the event host, Enza 'Super model'.

Luckily mom grabbed the last copy of DVD-Extended Cut on the display.

We watched this unreleased version and we thought this was better than the theatre version.

If you're SATC fan, this version is highly recommended! :)

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Season 7!
Did anybody watch the new season of DWTS??
This is our typical "snacky night" when we watch our favourite TV program
and the past three nights of the season premiere weren't exception.
You can see Sushi combos, dumplings, cheese.... on the table.
After this picture was take around 9pm, James gave mom and dad a very hard time
and he was very fussy until 2 in the morning. :(
Poor humans!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

PS: Today, 24th is our sissy Asta's Barkday!!

Happy Barkday ASTA!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 1 month old birthday, James!!! :) :) :) :)

Dad made a short film to mark our brudder's one month old birthday!


We can't believe it's been a month since we welcomed our human pup brudder!!!

Look at this photo! This was taken a day after his birth while he was still at the hospital.

It looks like he tried to look up his daddy.

A month later, he is much bigger!

Mom often says there are TWO babies in this house.

"Who?? Me?? I don't wear a diaper. I play with it!"

So far everything has gone very well. We had a small celebration on the 13th. :)

Our pawrents prepared shrimp cocktails, cheese & broccoli ravioli with paprika cream sauce,

cheese plate, baguette and Very berry tarte!

Momo can't keep her eyes off of the cheese plate.

"I haven't had Stilton Blue while James was in our mom's tummy!!!"

Doesn't this tarte look seriously good?!

Dad said we had to 'sniff' this lovely bubbly drink! Yay!

"Where are our glasses??"

Dad let us wait patiently as usual! "Not too bad!" "Second round please, dad?" Thank you everyone for your congratulations! They've meant a lot to us!! Momo & Pinot/J & R
PS: Thank you very much, Josh and Jessie for passing this award on to us!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Momo's barkday fun!!!
My barkday was 2nd but mom nad dad weren't feeling well on that day so there was no
barkday cake... not even some doggie treats.
Meantime we happily received this lovely card from our sissy Asta on my barkday.
Thank you Asta!! This is so sweet!!!
We were impressed by many details on this card
including our requests to our pawrents. :) You can also see Toronto's landmark CN Tower behind us.
...and guess what??
Asta's card worked!!!!! :)
Next day, we smelled something yummy in the kitchen.

Ohhhhhh..... these were what we couldn't take a peak but smelled!

First dad prepared our dinner with beef chops adding this yummy

'Pinot Leasheo' sauce made by Birk Vineyards.

Shortly after our dinner, dad prepared beacon wrapped sea scallops and

3 different kinds of shrimp skewers.

Mom enjoyed using dad's heavy camera.

Since she was the dad's assistant she wanted some good shots.

Mom didn't do much except taking some pictures and looking after James on this night.

Dad returned to the balcony to check our food in the avocado.

The surface of the avocado got really hot so we weren't allowed to enter the balcony.

" I can smell something!!!! I can hardly wait!! I am gonna lick this door!!!"

This is what we were waiting for!!!

"Dad, stop teasing us!!" We were danc'n'eat some pieces of fillet Mignon. :)

Next was our cake time which was the (mom's) highlight of the night.

Last year dad baked two cakes for me, Momo but this year

he didn't get a chance. (pls click here!)

"Dad, you own us something!!"

"Can we eat now??"

(Pinot) "I have to dig in!"

(Momo) "I am THE barkday girl!!! I was gonna have a bit first."

Mom was still playing with dad's camera after he prepared our portions (can you see them??

They were tiny!) and theirs (huge!).

We were very patient... (Momo) "Thank you dad to celebrate my barkday!"

***********AWARD **********

We are very happy to let you know that we received this award from Jan's Funny Farm. "I Love Your Blog" award simply made our day. Thank you! We'd love to nominate seven other blogs who are... Cassidy & Harry (Happy Barkday, Cassidy), Lorenza,


*************Farewell to our friend Roscoe **************
We're very sad to learn that a good friend of ours Roscoe have crossed
the Rainbow bridge.
Please stop by Cat Naps In Italy to support his brother Opus and his family
at this difficult time.
You can also visit the candle gallery. Please click here.
(photo: courtesy by Cat Naps In Italy)

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's my barkday!
Today, September 2nd is my third barkday!
Wow, time flies! I am 3 years old!
(Momo) "Mom and dad have been SOOOOOOOOO busy with human pup
so I don't expect they do anything special for me this year. :( "
(Pinot) "You gotta be kidding, sissy!! Today is a very special day!!!
We will have a fun together!"
Momo & Pinot/J & R
ps: Thank you for those who left barkday wishes.