Monday, August 27, 2012

Daddy's car is about to.....

.... take off!!!

That's what we thought.  

The truth is that daddy installed the car lift
to convert our single garage into a double one.
Daddy's car will be stored on the upper level
while mom and dad park their regular car on the ground level.
Smart idea, daddy!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Momo & Pinot

Friday, August 17, 2012

Brudder's barkday

 Are we standing in front of the backdrop? 
This is something that our mom had a hard time to wrap.   

She spent a half an hour to wrap this huge flat box.  It shouldn't be that difficult, right?

While our brudder was out, we placed pressies and cards in the basement.

His buddy Patchy-Patch patiently waits his master's return.

Brudder loves ALL types of vehicles.
The ferry is no exception.

He even adores the garbage trucks which mom is not really into.

Three humans visited the amusement park on Toronto's Centre Island.
There are lots of things for human pups and their servants to do.

James is not a height phobia like his daddy

"Can we go higher, mommy?"
'I wish so, too!"

The view from the top of the windmill.  Can you see skyscraper?

James enjoyed fast rides, too.

A monster is coming!

After a few hours of fun,
it was time to get back to the city.


At home:

Brudder shows two hand-made birthday cards made by his daycare teachers.
Thank you A and Y. These are very very sweet.

"Are you going to open the pressies?"

His granddaddy in UK mailed him a cool construction kits.
He absolutely loves it!

Now mom's new task is to pick up hundreds of teeny tiny plastic nuts and bolts
on the floor everyday and night.  bol

What does the large box hold?  A new bicycle! 

James has been very good on a push bike
and it was time to upgrade.

His new bicycle is well design.  He can start riding as a push bike and after 
he learns balancing,
daddy can attach a chain and pedal units.
We'll see.....

He couldn't wait to try this out!

Oh hey, we almost forgot a barkday cake.

Add caption

"Make a wish and blow the candles out, brudder!!"

"I want... chocolate breakfast, chocolate lunch,
chocolate dinner........"

A barkday cake was not good for doggies and cupcakes were served to us.

Ahhhhhhhh, silly mom.... she forgot something!!

This cupcake fit in my mouse very well.

Pink in my mouse is icing, not my tongue. 

.... and yummy!

"I have a good manner, sissy."


After we finished draft of this post, mom and dad took our brudder
to the school yard.
He rode a new bicycle for the first time and 
this is what mom recorded!!

You did very well.
Wow, you never needed training wheels.  blol

A few minutes later...

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Barkday, Brudder!!!

Who turns 4 today??

Mom and dad once wondered if his hair would grow, 
then they wondered if he would ever talk.

We can not believe our baby brudder is now four year old!

Happy Barkday brudder!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mom is back!

Mom made a very difficult decision regarding to her work.
To make a long'n'boring story short, she's now available for our morning walky!!

When was the last time I Pinot enjoyed the super fetch?

This park is huge and it's all mine.

It was a warm morning.  While mom was preopupiced by something on the way home,
I took a quick break in the muddy area which made mom mad!

"It's OK,mom...  you're now available for us, aren't you?"

I was in mud baths called spa!

What's next?  Of course, the bath time!

I am super clean & super fit Pinot.

Call me Sir Pinot!

Let me get out!  I am ready for charging my own battery.

Momo & Pinot/J & R