Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo of the Day!
Taken by our dad back in July.
It was the time when our brudder was still in our mom's tummy.
(Look at her big tummy!) :P
Dad was very far from me, Pinot and mom so we had no idea he was taking pictures....
We don't look so bad, do we?!?
***** AWARD ******
Chloé has kindly given us this award, 'coolest blog i ever know'!!
To receive the award makes our day and smile. Thank you, Chloé!
Now it's our turn. We'd love to pass this award onto....
Sparky, Ludo (Happy Barkday, Caz!!), Toffee & Riley
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Have a great day/evening, eveyone!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The other day, our mom said "Ok... enough!" and packed all her maternity jeans
into a box. :P
Yes, she was wearing buggy maternity jeans until lately.
Now she's back to her pre-pregnancy jeans.
They fit her BUT she is NOT happy to see her flabby tummy!!!!
She is so frustrated!!!!! :(
Right after James' birth, she lost a half of her pregnancy weight......
........ and
she hasn't lost ANY since then.
Her obstetrician recommended to hire a pawsonal trainer but
it doesn't seem like she is able to manage her work out schedule and James' demands.
She's never been a gym pawson so going to the gym is not her option.
She has to be back in track before winter arrives.
(she usually put some 'winter weight'! Grrrrrrr!!!)
So what she was looking for is ...........
It was impossible to purchase it at the store but guess what???
Dad found it for her barkday, 17th.
"Oh... happy belated barkday, Mom!
Thanks dad to make her smile!"
BTW, did you eat a quarter of your barkday cake???
(mom) Yes, I did!
Do you really think you can loose weight?!? hehehe... "

Good luck, mom!

****** Happy belated 2nd Anniversary!! ******

Mom forgot about this important day. On the 15th, we marked the 2nd

anniversary of our blog! We're so thankful to have met many many friends.

Pleased click here to view our first page of our blog and

here to view my first anniversary page.

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!
Yes, we had another fiesta! :)
Yes, it was the time for the biggest Turkey Night!
This year our dad, super cool chef :) decided to brine the turkey the day before
Thanksgiving (13th). Here's our dad to prepare the brine.
Our friend.... no... our turkey was sit in the big pot and
was ready to spend in the fridge over night.
I, Momo had to make sure if it was stored ok along with many other goodies.

This past weekend was so boootiful. It was about 23C and nice and sunny. We were

all out together at the same time in our nearest park and spent a few hours there.

We enjoyed nice Autumn breeze and sniffed leaves on the ground. After our long walky, we took a shower and had to take a power nap as usual.
"Turkey Dinner.... Turkey Dinner..."
The turkey was removed from the brine and it was about to make a journey to
the Big Green Egg (BBQ).
This time, I Pinot made sure that our turkey was placed nicely on the turkey stand.

I, Momo sampled the cheese sause for one of the veggie dishes. :)

Mom proudly posted this photo.... :P

This was the only time that she gave her hand to dad

during the preparation. She needed to look after our brudder for a long time

after this photo was taken.

The skin was very smoky and tasty.
Our dinner was almost ready!
This year, mom spent lots of time with James and
she couldn't take as many as photos she wanted.
Can you see two small bowls? These were stuffing for us!
We also had two HUGE bowls of stuffing for humans. (Mom loves stuffing!)

There is no photos but we of course enjoyed HUGE turkey meal.

Thank you very much dad for our wonderful dinner! You're the BEST!! :) :)


Thank you Mango for your generous offer to let us pick the awards you had been received.

We picked this Gold Paw Award!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo(s) of the Day!
We decide to post our brudder James's photo to celebrate
his almost two month old barkday.
My dad took these two photos (he's a brilliant photographer!) and we couldn't pick the ONE.
So we'll spoil you two of our favourite ones. :)
This was taken early of this month.
A week after, this was captured.
Does he look like a real pawson now?!?
We love our brudder! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Have a happy Thanksgiving long weekend, our Canadian friends!
Momo & Pinot/J &R

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I am a grown up now!!
Hi, Pinot is here. Since I turned ONE year old, I am no longer pup as you all know!
I know sissy Momo and mom often have girl's talk.
So I thought it was time for us, James and I, to have a talk between brudders.
"Hello, James,
Do you want to be a good man like myself?? Let me tell you what you need to do.
First of all, you can't scream'n'cry whenever you want if you are the MAN!
Second of all......... "
"I don't think you're listing to me, James!"
(Pinot) "Second of all............. "
(James) "Mammi, help!"
Thank you, Toffee and Riley! They have given us "I Love Your Blog!" award!!
This straight message brightened our day and we're happy to accept it!

We would love to pass this award onto BenBen , Goofy,

Bailey and Maen, Stanislaw, Niamh and Amber-Mae.

*** Faya met ME during her walky ***

Faya and Dyos had a very nice walky in this booootiful village called Miège on past Sunday.

(pls click here to find its gorgeous scenery on her blog.).

She said during her walky, she found ME! I even didn't know I have a place there and it looks like I have my own vineyard backyard which is my mom's dream. :P

(Photo: courtesy of Faya's blog)

*** James in his new outfit ***

Do you remember we received cute outfits for James (Pls click here) from

Stanley,Stella and their Girl? :)

Mom finally finally took some photos while James was awake.

We think this clothes looks pawsome on him.

"Mommi, did you get a nice shot?"

Dad said mom shouldn't have let James posed in front of the window.

You know.. the light thought the window emphasized his hairless head

and mom doesn't know how to airbrush that area. hehehehe :D

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy Barkday Pinot!!! - Pinot's Barkday Bash!
My barkday was September 18 but the pawty was postponed
due to our brudder's needs.
Dad and mom finally celebrated my 1st barkday on the 27th!
"I can't believe Pinot turns 1 year old!"

This photo was taken a few weeks after Pinot's arrival in last November.

Look how tiny he was!! He was only 1.1kg (2.4 lb) at 8 week old.

(Momo) "He makes me look HUGE!"

Compared to Momo, Pinot is still small but..

"I am no longer puppy!!! YAY YAY"

We put these cool bandannas on which were pressies from Stanley and Stella and

ready for the barkday bash!Our dad, the chef, prepared one of our appetizers, fillet Mignon as our request. :) This photo is blurry but can you see fillet Mignon and some Sea scallops

that mom requested??

Our Main course of the big night was Pinot Pizza!!

While mom took pictures, we supervised our Chef. Pinot Pizza No.1 (Top) - Our first Seafood Pizza!

Ingredients are.... Baby scallops, smoked salmon, boccontini &Gorgonzola cheese,

capers and baby spinach.

Pinot Pizza No.2 (bottom)

Ingredients are... Prosciutt, portabello mushroom, goat & Brie cheese, cantaloupe.

Two pizzas were places on the stones and waited to be cooked

in the big avocado (please click here)... No... BBQ.

After 20 minutes, dad returned from the balcony and showed us one of Pinot Pizzas.

Close up. Mom hold Pinot to take a peak at the pizza together. Seafood pizza was cooked nicely in the BBQ. Then dad put some baby spinach on top. While Pinot's pawty, our brudder slept quietly.

We all shared everything but mom forgot to take a picture. :D
We were all stuffed and dad and Momo took a "break".
How can you take a break BEFORE having this Caramelized Apple cheesecake? :P

Mom and Pinot enjoyed big piece together.


"Happy Barkday Pinot!!"

Our sissy Asta sent us this lovely barkday card for Pinot

before her trip. Thank you so much, Asta! Pinot's Birfday Myspace Glitter Graphics

Momo & Pinot/J & R