Monday, July 29, 2019

Beach day!

Hello friends!

How's your summer so far?!?

Our brudder finished his school year the end of June and he's in 
the middle of VERY long summer holiday.

Mommy and daddy does usual everyday, work!  :D

He's a mid-distance runner and just ran at Provincial Championships
on past Saturday and Sunday.

Pawsome job, hoooman kids!!

Well...., non service animals are not allowed at the stadium
so I had to stay home.
Guilty feeling pawrents took me to Toronto's doggie friendly 
Cherry Beach yesterday!

My kind of summer activity!!

Some doggies stay with their hoomans at hooman section
but many enjoy swimming at Doggies Only Sections.

"Hey, I am swimming.  You're walking in the water, Mr.!"

or jumping over the wave!

"Como'n Daddy!"

"Miss Poodle.  Follow me!  We can swim together!"

"Excuse me Ms.!  You picked up a wrong toy!!
That's mine!"

We all play well after all and had tons of fun!!

Have a great summer, everyone!

Pinot/J & R

Monday, July 01, 2019

Happy Barkday, Canada!

It's a beautiful day here in Toronto!

Have a great week, everyone! 

Pinot/J & R