Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa was here!!
When we got up on Christmas Day, we saw tons of pressies
under our tree!!
"Oh... Please excuse me. I am still wearing my bathrobe!"
We were overjoyed! We wanted to take more photos after
refreshing ourselves.
"Hey, here is Santa man!!"
This year, we didn't get to meet Santa Clause but
we found this picture on mom's pc.
Mom later confessed that she couldn't find any 'Santa Pic With Pet' days at anywhere.
Since this is our little pup's first Christmas, she really wanted him to meet Santa man.
Two days before Christmas, mom and dad rushed to the mall under
the bad snowy weather.
It was already five to 7pm which Santa was about to finish his job.
The security pawson didn't want mom to line up
BUT she somehow managed to have James to meet Santa.
"Anything for us?!?" Our serious investigation began.
I Pinot found a pressie from my human grandma so I had to put it on. "Am I supposed to be a hippy reindeer?" Unlike my sissy, I am normally not a good poser but I did pose for my grandma. :D We started opening pressies around 2-ish. Can you see we were very excited!! This pink box was one of the pressies to our little pup from us. Oh yes, this is our Christmas portrait! Mom and dad gave us matching winter coats!
I Pinot choose this cute bone shaped tin that full of cookies for dad!
Ooops, the label says it's for DOGGIES!
"I got many toys! Thanks, dad, mom, sissy and brudder."
It was already 7-ish but we were still opening the pressies! BOL!! "What is this big box??"
Mom had some fun to display our pressies.
Looks like our little brudder delivered our wish list to Santa Clause. :)
After our VERY long gift exchange, dad prepared our Christmas dinner.
Mr. Birdy looked absolutely yummy!!!
It was almost midnight and it was our little brudders bedtime.
"Have a sweet dream, James! We all have birdy together next year!!"
Back to dad's BBQ stand, he first time prepared seafood as part of our Christmas dinner!
Prawns and sea scallops looked stunning!!
We saw mom was droooooooling! hehehe...
Do you notice we always post a similar photo?
Mom and dad laugh at me coz I Momo always hung out in the kitchen.
"Excuse me?? I have a good sense of smell!!!
This is my task!"
Christmas dinner was placed on the counter.
It was our favourite "ALL YOU CAN EAT" style.
"Is this torture or what?"
While we were sniffing food, humans enjoyed taking our pictures.
We actually finished our own birdy dinner earlier but
dad made us extra dishes.
"Give me, give me, give me, give me, give me that birdy!!"
Dad picked up this Pink Champagne for this Christmas. Its colour was very pretty.
"Can you find Pinot in this picture???" :)
Dad prepared something else after their big dinner.
It was a must-to-have framed Christmas Pudding and vanilla ice cream
with Brandy sauce. Earlier that day, James noticed a big bottle.
"I don't think that's my milk."
"Does it say Pinot Noir?? It must be for me!!!"
Have wonderful holidays, everyone!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We've got so much snow!!
We had a snowstorm warning on past Friday.
A day after the first major snow Storm of this year hit Toronto,
our dad took us to the Discovery Walk.
Everything was covered by white snow and it was boootiful.
We didn't see many humans and doggies and the walking trail was very quiet.
We ran, had a taste of fresh snow and chased each other.
Who's faster?? :)
What?? Is Pinot faster?
Let me taste this snow.
I didn't have booties on so my foot were very cold.
Dad thought I looked like a Bambi!
Do we look like bunnies??
Back to our nearby park, we saw some human pups were tobogganing.
I, Pinot couldn't stop running.
We had tons of fun.
When we got home, we found a snow man in front of our house.
He was very cute!
We noticed that many humans stopped and smiled to him.
Some even took photos.
A few hours later that day, dad noticed that snowman's hat was gone.
We thought some bad humans took his hat for fun and we were very sad.
Dad looked outside from the upstairs again and he saw snowman's hat on the ground.
Most likely the hat was blown away by strong winds. phew!
So dad stepped out quickly and put the hat back on snowman's head.
When he came back he got a good idea.
He decided to use some chopsticks to attach the hat to snowman.
We thougtht it was a good idea but weren't sure if it would work.
We wanted to make sure
Mr. snowman won't loose his hat again. :)
Mr. Snowman got back his hat!
"We might dream about this cute snowman tonight!"
Next morning, we were VERY happy that Mr. snowman was safe and kept his hat over night!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One cold evening,
we sat back, relaxed and watched...
"Sissy, shall I bring a blanket?"

It didn't keep us warm but that cracking sound actually worked for us.

"I am not tipsy.... I am drowsy...."

Still I, Momo sang...
"Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer,
fun for all that pup children call their favorite time of year....
(Turkey, pressies, lots of snuggles... oh yeah!)"
Pinot's head was getting heavier and heavier....
It was Momo's turn to rest. "We wish we can roast marshmallows on a fire!" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
Six more days till Christmas, everyone!
Momo & Pinot/J & R