Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two! Our brudder is Two!

Most of you got it right! August 13 was our brudder's barkday.
After posting a photo of our very plain cheese cake,
we put lots of raspberries and Champaign grapes on top and
later on we sprinkled lemon zest all over the cake.
"That looks better, mom!"
While we were helping our mom,
a very sweet surprised came in to our computer- just in time from
A BIG thank you, Mango, Ximui and Chubs and mommy!!!
It's so kind of you guys!!!!
After that, barkday ballons were picked up in the morning.
Just like his first barkday (link), three humans went to ONE to celebrate his barkday.
They were initially looking for restaurant named TWO but they had no success in Toronto.
"I am having Risotto!"
"I am TWOoooooooooo!"
Then he called us.
"Hi sissy Momo and brudder Pinot!"
Back home, it was getting late for this young human.
So we decided to open one pressie together.
This strange shaped toy made our brudder giggles so hard.
"Beep beep beep.... The alien is just arrived!"
Next morning, brudder was ready to open the rest.
"Can I give you a paw, brudder??"
"Mom, don't forget. Our barkday are around the corner!"
"Cheeeeeeese for cheesecake!"
We lit the candle.
"Can we dig in?"
Brudder tried to blow the candle and he actually DID
right after mom pressed 'stop' botton.
Time for cheese cake, fianlly our turn!
"Sissy, feel the flavour!"
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A special day is coming tomorrow....

This morning, mom told us that we'll have a special event for our brudder
Then she quickly stepped out to get some ingredients at a nearby supermarket.
She wasn't happy that she couldn't find organic light cream cheese
but mom, how can you expect to find everything you want?
You didn't make a special trip to a store you love!
Most of you, our friends are familiar with this. :) :)
We had to take a 'before' photo. Yep, we knew it. :)
She was about to prepare Vanilla Cheesecake with a raspberry topping
on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
(Momo) "Mom, Jamie does NOT insist to get a prepared crust!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(Pinot) "Where are raspberries??"
"Let's mix everything up!"
Then I Pinot heard funny sound and it really freaked me out.
I decided to keep eye on the mixer from a bit of distance.
The filling was ready and we were about to sample it.
Yum yum.......
"I can still taste a bit...."
"I don't waste anything......"
"Ahhhh... It was good!"
"Did you get our message, mom????"
We had a bit more sample afterwards.
This is how everything turned out.
We wonder if we'll get these four creme brulee bowls.
So what is that special day tomorrow on August 13th????

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Morning walkies.

Not a long ago, we posted about our last morning walky with mom.
Since then, mom was back to work for the first time in almost two years.
She was happy despite of her crazy schedule.
Meanwhile, dad had to deal with so many unexpected things and that was very difficult.
Poor dad...........
Dad and mom had many many discussions
and they made a very tough decision.
Today was mom's the first day as a stay-home mom.... again.
(Wait, she does't stay home all the time, can we still call her stay home mom??)
Me, Momo being happy during our walky with mom and dad
this morning.
We let them to get coffee before going to the park.
It was a very warm and sticky morning.
I Pinot needed to jump to the water.
"Sissy, come!"
"My best buddy needs some refreshment, too!"
:) I couldn't stop smiling this morning. :)
Can you see my happy face??
Momo & Pinot/J & R