Monday, January 09, 2023

Happy 2023!

 Happy 2023 everyone!

(Mom thinks 2023 sounds very futuristic!
Does it to your hooman???)

Juno the back sleeper

I hope the new year is treating you well.
I am doing well but mom complains it's been mild 👍👍
BUTT rains a lot in Toronto.  👎👎

Rain means she gets more laundry!

The other day, my bro and mom wanted to test 
one of pressies SantaPaw brought to me.

It's a Mini Dog Treat Maker!
Mom just admires the package.  

So simple to please hooman! bol

All ingredients are ready!

Obviously, Peanuts butter and apple sauce Oats cookies.

My bro places batter in born shaped molds.

They may not look pawfect but they are super tasty! :)

There is always NEXT TIME!

Then I took them out for evening walkies.

Look what we found!  A BIG racoon!!
She was hanging out near a busy intersection and we were quite worried
she ran to the sheltered area.  Phew~

Here's me again during another evening walkies.
Not sure why mom always take pictures in the dark.  

After rain...

There are lots to see and learn in town.

Next morning at 7 before sunrise.   
I found my STICK!  Yay!

Yes, it was raining...  

I can’t wait to see what adventures await us in 2023!

Until next time....

Juno/J & R