Friday, November 20, 2015

Always together

I may look much smaller but I am older.
I'll take a good care of you, Bro. ;)

Pinot/J & R

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Daddy's BBQ

Pouring rain, strong wind and darkness!!
This is NOT nice at all!

 I Momo have no motivations what so ever!

So... let's talk about daddy's BBQ to wake her up!

You probably know Daddy has a Big Green Egg
which is a Kamado-Style charcoal barbecue cooker. 

Only daddy can handle to cook all kinds of goodies!

One evening, he made a Margherita!

Then put some fresh basil on top!
This was an appetizer.

Who ate that before pic taken?

Then the main dish came in!
Daddy placed smoked salmon and Brie just before pizza was done


Again, fresh basil is a must!

He often cooks seafood, too!

Very Garlicky Shrimps!
Smells fantastic but we didn't get to eat.

Every once in a while, he cooks Chicken just for us!

Chicken & Veggie meal!

"Enough photos!"

Can't stay still any longer!

Mom requested lots of Crimini mushroom along with 
smoked salmon the other evening.

Shrimps and baby Spanish were good
toppings, too!

Outside is still dark. :(

I need a ventilation!

Do you feel like Pizza tonight?

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Trick or Treating!

Hello there!
Hope all of you enjoyed past Halloween weekend!

Our brudder is now seven years old.
Today we decide to look back the costumes our brudder has put on.

Here's his first costume back in 2008!  
Look at this three month old pup.
He was a Mini Pumpkin!

Oh Bro, you were a little pup!

15 month old bro in 2009.
A Puppy~!

Being a big Micky Mouse Clubhouse fan,
he choose a Micky Mouse Costume at Disney Store
in 2010
BUT he refused to put it on. 
Therefore we have NO pic!  Very unusual!  bol

We totally forgot about this busy year 2011. 
He had a jumbo pumpkin costume!

"I know more candies are out there!"

Bro began school in 2012.
The Junior Kindergartener wore a hedgehog costume.

In 2013, he picked a puppy costume again. :) :)

Three Little Pups... Opps One Large Pup & Two Little Ones.

Last year 2014, grade 1 student was back to the classic costume.
Mr. Pumpkin! 

This year after much thoughts, he picked 
a werewolf!

A suspicious animal is in the house!

As usual, a werewolf went to school .... well as witches and an angle on Friday, a day before Halloween.

They enjoyed the Halloween Pawty and a costume parade at school.

Next day.....,
it was pleasantly warm on Halloween Night.

We stayed home to help giving away candies to trick'n'treaters
while bro was out for two hours.

Look at these giant spiders!

Let's see what he's got!
This years winner is Coffee Crisp!

Which costume do you like the best?

Momo & Pinot/J & R