Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Doggie Vest

Daddy finally found this Salus Skippy vests after a long search. 
Last night we did test run at this super doggie friendly beach,
Cherry Beach, Toronto.

The vest fit us very well.  

Unlike other vests we had looked at, this one has paddling under the tummy
for optional buoyancy. 

I feel safe.... even thought I probably won't swim at all so much.

It's time for fetch in the water!
My frisbee is always popular among bigger doggies.  

You may remember this post (link) from July 2013.

Last night, new friends jumped into the water
to follow my frisbee as usual.

"Let's go get it!"

Opps, wrong way!

Oh wait... where is my frisbee?!?

Can you believe this doggie?
He had a huge stick in his mouth but got
my brisbee, too!

(But I need to have it back, please!)

I did more swimming and made sure this vest worked well.

We wonder if new adventure is waiting for us.

Oh yes, I lost my beloved frisbee after this
picture was taken.  It went too far to swim and it was washed away!!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Barkday, Brudder!

This is another quick post to bark with harmony...

Happy Barkday to you,
Happy Barkday to you,
Happy Barkday, Dear our brudder~~~

Happy Barkday to YOU!!!

Bro, you and me, Pinot are same age 7 for about a month from now! 

On his barkday, mom and took him to the amusement park
on Toronto Centre Island.
Here's the city's night view from there.

They got home late but we enjoyed mid-night walky with mom.
The breeze was refreshing.

Momo & Pinot/J & R