Friday, April 10, 2015

Walkies on Easter Weekend

Hello there!
We hope you had a good Easter long weekend.

Has spring arrived here? 
Mmmmm...., not quite. 
but it's not good to be hibernated for so long.

So we did some walkies on the Harbour Front.

"It's time to shed off our winter weight!"

One after another, new condo construction sites are
everywhere in Toronto and this area is not exception. 

Swan couple being very elegant.

We wanted to say hi but daddy told us not to get so close
to these beautiful birdies.

Once this lady aka The Bird Lady stopped her cart,
all birdies saw her from distance right away. 

Whoa, how many birdies are flying over here?!?

"Yay~, snack Time, everybody!!"

Our brudder loves boats.
We gotta take a pic with it.

"Frame this pic, bro!"

This is HTO park, an urban beach with white sand on the Water Front.
We can't picture humans will be sun-bathing at this moment.

Next morning, our bro was happy to find a basket 
from the Easter bunny.

Meanwhile, mom wasn't so happy because
it snowed over night!

Right.. we can't share anything with him!!

On Easter Monday, it was chilly but sun was out!
We enjoyed another walkie at Cherry Beach.

Let's head back..., we were exhausted.

Momo & Pinot/J & R