Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Hi February! :)

 Hello my friends!  
Hope you and your hoomans are happy and well.

Juno - The Mischievous Puppy
I am not supposed to be on the coffee table.

We had some lovely not-so-cold days in February.
When it was PLUS 5C (41F), mom and I enjoyed long walkies.

Longer walkies means I had time to select the good stick!

This curved stick was fun BUTT mom thought it was too long to 
take it into the building.  

Mom cut it off short and we took it home.  Yay!

This day was a little chilly BUTT walking on the dry asphalt made my mom
super happy!

Less laundry for mom!

When we got some snow, I was overly excited!

Happy belated St. Valentine's Day to all!

I got my own cupcake....

and more goodies! 

A short dark day continues, mom often says February is depressing month.  BOL

Hey, good thing is that February is the shortest month!  

Walking on icy sidewalks could be brutal and
salt people put to melt ice is even worse! 

Angel Momo and Pinot wore rubber booties for many winter seasons.
Unfortunately, these don't always work well for me. 

So mom got hard sole booties!

I'll still wear Pawz but hard ones are not so bad!

New booties, No pro!

Yorkville Bloor IceFest 2023 took place this past weekend.
A lot of doggies took their hoomans out to see ice sculptures on
the sidewalks.

Then I met this super stylish puppy.

Oh... hello! 💕

There was even Ice Lounge at the park.

Cool sculptures.

As a 10 month old pup, I learn something new everyday.

I've figured out the kitchen is the best place to hang out!

Is this where all good stuff come from?

And I offered help to mom.

Call me Pro!

Last but not least, I'd love to share the best stick ever!

A juicy one!  😊
I steal while mom was unloading groceries. 

Mmmm....  looks like my bloggy has become a monthly newsletter.

Hopefully I can post March edition soon!

Until then, take care!

Juno/J & R