Thursday, February 21, 2013

We're still around!

Hello everyone!  We're still around!

January was a busy month for mom and dad.

Why?  We had a special guest.

Mom, it's almost the end of February.  How do you explain there is no update
until now??

Our human granddad from UK stayed with us and 
he told us a lot about our 'homeland'. :) :)

A few days after he left Canada, ....

Our brudder and mom took off to reunite with grandpa and grandma 
on the other side of the globe.

Brudder and his buddy Patch Patch didn't mind a 13-hour flight.

'We're sending Cavalier kisses and hugs to you!'

Early this month, we had a super snow storm.
 Look at the big pile of snow we made. Brudder would love this…

The giant Heresy's Kisses and two wet Cavaliers.

I Pinot had a lot of fun to play in the snow.

Now it's shower time!


head massage, head massage, head massage...

'What's next, daddy?'

'Nap Time!'

Dad made dinner for us this evening. Pasta with shrimp, smoked salmon, mushroom and 
red pepper alfredo sauce. We also had olives and BREAD!

Then, we went downstairs to watch a movie.

'it's time to snuggle!'


No worries, brudder and mom.  Dad has been super nice to us. 
We enjoy quiet time together very much.


Thank you so much Marley and Jasper @ Cavalier Corner
for giving us the Super Sweet Blog.
We are currently unable to access to your blog but we've always thought of you. 

Momo & Pinot/R & J