Thursday, April 23, 2009

We need more ACTION!!
The weather has been terrible so our walky wasn't long enough.
We still appreciate our dad to take us to the park since
mom can't come with us these days.
Basically our mom and dad are so preoccupied by our brudder therefore
not much food tasting (unbelievable!!) nor playtime....
Me... feeling bored!
"Mom, I am ready to go!"
I Pinot usually gets to play with this little human but
yesterday afternoon, I was a guard doggie.

"I am bored!!! Can anybody help us???"

Momo & Pinot/ J & R

Monday, April 13, 2009

I found a new toy!
Yes, a new toy!! What a fun game!
Our dad found this old frisbee in the locker and we took it to the park.
I Pinot couldn't wait to see how it worked.
It was very simple.
Somehow this toy took off to the sky. Can you see MY frisbee in the air?? "Dad, you're good at throwing it! Let Pinot chase it!" I wasn't able to catch it in the air but I manage to find it on the ground and took it back.
"It's mine...."
"I said it's mine!" (Pinot)
"Can I join my brudder in the future?" (James) Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, April 10, 2009

Have a Happy Easter!
It's Easter, It's a long weekend!!
Usually our mom is VERY happy before the long weekend but
she says she's currently on mat. leave (we still don't know what it means.)
so it doesn't really matter if it's a long weekend or not.
Mom is here... this means you have to work all the time without coffee break.
Anyway after posting our springy thingy, we had a few snowy days. :(
Today we officially announce that the REAL spring is here.
This is Simon who is a very well known Cavalier in our neighbourhood.
Whenever we have a walky, everyone asks us if me, Momo is Simon.
Today a little boy even said "Oh.. that's Simon" when he saw me.

Yesterday morning I Pinot got up as usual when our human brudder demanded

his first meal of the day! :D

After his very watery breakfast under my supervision, mom wanted to take some pictures but her memory card was almost full so she was able to take only three. She thought its funny to see these last three shots. coz me and little human had a same pose..

Pose # 1
No. 2 No.3
So where is our sissy?????????????????
Oh yeah, she's around when FOOOOOOOOD is served!! hehehehe
The other day, dad made yummy panini (yellow pepper, broccoli, brie cheese, .
Mom absolutely loved it!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, April 03, 2009

A springy Day!
Finally finally all the snow is gone! Today was a very warm day.
It was 14C (57F) this afternoon and we thought that spring has FINALLY arrived here.
We knew that we won't have very warm days for a little while so
we all went to the park and the Discovery Walk together!
The other day we came by Mason Dixie's blog and saw our friend's Thor's lots
of impressive and looooong 'tongue' photos!
I Momo thought I can compete with Thor.
"Look at mine! When I am happy, my tongue sticks out from.... somewhere!"
"No more yucky muddy pad! The pavement is nice and dry!" LaLaLaLa.....
:) :)
Our mom and dad often wonder where my tongue go when I am not happy.
Our human pup rode the swing at the first time today.
"Good for you, little man!"
"Let him enjoy his ride. We grown ups will go back to the trail."
Meet our new friend Kana- A Cavalier Girl!!
Our mom's best friend M and her husband Y have adopted this lovely girl Kana lately
and they just opened their blog.
Mom and M have known each other for over 200 years (Ha!) and they have shared so many good laughs :D in the past.
Oh yes, They had a crash on same humans (hahahahaha) such as Matt Dillon
when they were teenagers but they never thought they would have a same breed dog.
Kana's blog address is here.
This blog is written in Japanese but we're sure we can all enjoy Kana's photos.
(Most likely the comment section is not available.)
Kana, you've found an excellent forever home!!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R