Monday, March 25, 2024

A dot!

Hello my friends and loyal readers!  It's me, Juno!

The other day, mum noticed there is a DOT on my very pink lips.

Have a close look at my post on January 22, we didn't see a dot!

Daaaa..... A D-O-T

Shall we call a beauty mark???

We're still having a very confusing weather.

A day before mum's friends visited Toronto from overseas,
Toronto hit record high 20C temperature!

20C (68F) at 5:14pm!

Mum and I enjoyed great walkies after she was stuck in the office
for a day.

A nice weather means long walkies guaranteed.

Her friends arrived safely after 13 hour flight from Tokyo.
Mum was hoping for a warm wether but it was back to norm.  

Mum was super excited to see her friend at the airport. 

At least it was not freezing cold during their visit. 

They walked a lot, caught up a lot and did
many things together.

They stopped at Bercy Park that I've always wanted to visit.
  Can you see all these doggies look up the golden bone
on top of the fountain?

They watched The St. Patrick's Day parade from the cafe.

and.... enjoyed a very first The ice hockey game.

St. Pats Day event took place and Toronto Marlies players wore green-white
uniforms to replace their team colour blue-white uniform.

Oh, yes, 'must' was The Niagara Falls!

They had a great time together. 

A shortly after her friends left Toronto, snowfall was back!

Of course booties are back, too!

This was The First Day of Spring! bol. šŸ˜„

Hopefully REAL spring is coming here soon!

Sending my xoxo to all!

Juno/J &R